Manage how applications authenticate customers, organisations, things & APIs and grant access only to the right resources

IDaaS IdP Authentication

Centralise identity data access governance

Gain granular control over which customer identity attributes can be accessed by internal and external applications

350 degree view of access policy

360 degree view

Manage how applications authenticate customers, organisations, things & APIs

Manage which customer identity attributes can be accessed

Centralised policy management

Centralised policy management

Control and audit how applications consume and share user attributes

Easily manage policy for user types based on commercial, corporate, security or regulatory demands

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) & Attribute Based Access Control

  • Understand the system needs of your customers, group them into roles based on common requirements
  • Build authorisation policies for applications and deliver the correct role and attribute to the target systems
  • Expand beyond basic access control by incorporating access decisions based on sophisticated authorisation policies
  • Support policies that evaluate the strength of the authentication method, time of the event, location, identity attributes, roles, operating system and the version, browser version and more

Identity Attribute Broker Engine

  • Attributes can be aggregated from various sources, i.e. user database, CRM, 3rd party APIs
  • Support user privacy with the minimal attribute set approach – gives you granular control over which attributes are sent to target applications
  • Pseudonymisation of attribute names and values as needed by policy or regulation

DNA logo

DNA Telecom

Learn how the Ubisecure Identity Server was the key component for cloud brokering service, DNA Pouta, providing convenient access to DNA corporate customers, enabling DNA to standardise the integration of the selected cloud applications to the IAM infrastructure.

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Ubisecure wins….

EIC 2019 Award

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By KuppingerCole

An overview of the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) industry & an impartial high level description and analysis of the Identity Platform.

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Finnish Government

Deploying a nationwide identity management and delegation platform for citizens and businesses.

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