At KuppingerCole’s recent European Identity & Cloud (EIC) Conference in Munich, Germany, the analyst firm honored Ubisecure’s customer DNA Ltd, a large European cable and mobile services provider, with an EIC Award as the Best B2B Identity Project. DNA was recognized for its outstanding implementation of Ubisecure’s suite of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, delivered by systems integration partner, Nixu.

“It was an honor to receive this prestigious award from KuppingerCole. A lot of hard work and effort has been put into this project by the DNA team, our system integrator, Nixu, and our IAM partner, Ubisecure,” said Taneli Rupponen, Director of IT-production, Integrations and Information security, DNA. “We are very pleased with the results of our ‘MyCompany’ portal, not only for the economic benefits to our business but because it allows us to provide a better service to our customers, and create a unified approach on identity for both corporate and consumer customers.”

IAM Solution Facilitates DNA to Achieve Strategic Goals and Business Growth
With a mission to improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and enable extensive self-service functions, DNA deployed an innovative IAM solution from Ubisecure. The IAM solution provide DNA with a more streamlined way of managing customer identities and their access to DNA services, enabling them to cut costs and more efficiently and effectively roll out new online services.

DNA MyCompany Portal
The first service to adopt the IAM solution was a corporate self-service portal “DNA MyCompany” where DNA corporate customers were able to manage their contracts and invoicing, acquire additional services, and review their usage data. Ubisecure’s IAM solution enabled DNA to outsource the identity management of the external users to their customers, including authorization management. In the first full year of the self-service portal in operation with the IAM solution, DNA recognized a cost savings of €1 million, and reduced the time to register a new corporate customer by 95%.

Cost Savings
Ubisecure’s IAM solution has also helped DNA streamline several of their customer management processes internally. The Reduction of separate user repositories by integrating applications to the IAM infrastructure reduced the management burden in the IT organization. Enabling customer self-service through MyCompany portal decreased costs related to customer service desk calls, and consumer self-service portal launched in April 2015 is now further reducing service related costs.

Result Summary

  • A unified IAM approach for both consumer and business customers
  • 95% decrease in time for registering a new customer through integrating DNA’s CRM systems to Ubisecure’s Identity Server
  • $1M cost savings through the MyCompany portal during the first year with early adopters of the self-services
  • cloud brokering using Single Sign-On for all connected cloud services
  • Management cost reduction by reducing the number of separate identity repositories
  • Multiple internal and external online services connected to the IAM reducing the number of separate identity repositories and removing the license and support and maintenance costs

To learn more about Ubisecure’s comprehensive suite of IAM solutions and how you can start achieving benefits like DNA, contact Ubisecure today.