migrating iam system

8 signs you should migrate your IAM system

Many scenarios call for a migration from one identity and access management (IAM) system to another. But how do you know when it’s time to move on? Let’s look at 8 common examples of when migration is required and the … Read More

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The value of organisation identity

Identity. We all have some idea what it means – ‘my identity’, ‘your identity’ – and understand some of the attributes that compose our identity (age, name, email address etc.). We also have a strong desire to protect our identity … Read More

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Legal Entity Identifier growth

Tracking RapidLEI’s impact to LEIs

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) market is interesting – it’s dominated by a small number of large LEI issuers, most of them being financial institutions, or with close ties to financial institutions. When we launched our RapidLEI service in June … Read More

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what is customer iam

What is Customer IAM?

The definition of Customer IAM – (Customer Identity and Access Management, CIAM) – is a multi-dimensional concept, making it seem a bit intimidating for beginners. CIAM is many things and enables many substantial benefits to customer-focused businesses. It doesn’t make … Read More

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Why the Certificate Authority world should embrace Legal Entity Identifiers (part ii)

LEIs as a live (and historical) source of Legal Entity data Earlier this week, Ubisecure’s VP Identity Services, Steve Roylance blogged about why the Certificate Authority world should embrace Legal Entity Identifiers. This followup post is intended to examine the value … Read More

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Data Protection Day

What is Data Protection Day and why do we need it?

January 28th 2019 marks the thirteenth annual Data Protection Day in Europe, aka Data Privacy Day in the USA. This international event commemorates the same date in 1981, when the Council of Europe’s data protection convention, known as ‘Convention 108’, … Read More

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Why the Certificate Authority world should embrace Legal Entity Identifiers (part i)

The people behind RapidLEI came from the Certificate Authority world, we know it very well. I am credited with co-founding the CA/B Forum – the organisation created to try and introduce standardised vetting practices amongst all CAs in what is … Read More

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Ubisecure and Java logos

Ubisecure’s Identity Server and Java 8 – what’s the plan for 2019?

As we look forward into 2019, we aim to continue sharing information and answering community questions via our blog posts and podcasts.  We will continue to focus on our Developer and Partner Portal, featuring items like testing coverage and reference … Read More

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Comodo SSL alumni Nilesh Patel joins RapidLEI to build global channel

Today we announced that Nilesh Patel has joined Ubisecure as the new channel manager for our RapidLEI legal entity identifier service. Many people at Ubisecure have known Nilesh professionally for many years – mostly from our days operating GlobalSign and … Read More

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LEI Register and RapidLEI Partner to Streamline availability of Legal Entity Identifiers

Today, our partners at LEI Register have announced the strategic relationship between LEI Register and Ubisecure’s RapidLEI. Our companies have a shared vision on making LEIs more accessible, faster to obtain, lower cost and to enable new company identity use … Read More

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