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White paper

GDPR and Customer IAM

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is globally the most substantial privacy legislation. All organisations handling any personal data of EU citizens need to comply with the GDPR, no matter where they are domiciled.

The “General Data Protection & Customer IAM” white paper outlines the legal premise of the GDPR, and then delves into the specific parts where Customer Identity and Access Management solutions can help your organisation.

In this white paper we will take a closer look at

  • Consent collection & management, Article 7 of the regulation
  • About personally identifiable information and what benefits CIAM can deliver, Article 4
  • The role of CIAM in “Right for erasure” and data portability, Articles 17 & 20
  • How GDPR embodies the principle “Need to know” through articles 5 & 6