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Technical Support Requests

Ubisecure Support provides technical product support according to your Support and Maintenance Agreement. You find the agreed Service Level, how to get in touch through your System Integrator or directly and Response Time from the Support and Maintenance Terms. Please provide the licensee information in your support request.

Before you send a support request, be sure to check the product documentation. Check that your document version matches the version of the software and that the document is the newest available version from Downloads.


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Access to these documents is controlled and requires a Ubisecure account.

Supported Product Versions
Table of product versions included in standard support.

Frequently Asked Questions
Technical FAQ – Troubleshooting and error message explanations, tips and tricks



Support Checklist

When contacting Ubisecure please include the following details, as applicable.

  • Which products does your problem concern?
  • Which versions of the products are you using?
  • What are the symptoms of your problem?
  • Please describe the steps to reproduce the problem.
  • You can include screenshots if necessary. Screenshots are useful especially in user interface related problems.
  • On what platform are you running your IAM product?
  • Operating system and exact version
  • Report any potentially interfering settings
  • Is your environment clustered? What kind of clustering technique are you using?
  • Are you using a reverse proxy? Is the SSL terminated in the reverse proxy?
  • Which browser were you using when you encountered the problem? What is the browser version and your operating system?
  • Attach the essential parts of the product’s log files in the support message. Usually this means the diag and audit logs. We recommed that you send the log files encrypted.