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Ubisecure is The European Identity Services Provider. We offer one Identity Platform to quickly integrate trusted identity and access management into customer, citizen and workforce applications.

On this page, find out more about:

  • Telia Company and Ubisecure’s session on Reusable Identity
  • Where to find the Ubisecure team and who you can meet at the event
  • Ubisecure’s Identity and Access Management capabilities
  • The event and how to register (including our 10% discount code!)
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Join the presentation

How Reusable Digital Identity Will Drive Your Business & Delight Customers

Hosted by Telia Company & Ubisecure | Friday 13th May 2022 | 14:45

Hear from Lauri Immonen, Head of Identity Services at Telia Company, and Simon Wood, CEO at Ubisecure, on how Telia Company leveraged the benefits of reusable digital identity. Leading Nordic telco, Telia Company, will explore how their customers are able to create dozens of strong identity schemes, using a single identity brokering platform. Ubisecure and Telia Company worked together to create the Telia Identity Broker Service (TIBS), offering customers a cross-border ‘one stop’ authentication service.

Lauri Immonen, Head of Identity Services at Telia Company

Lauri Immonen
Head of Identity Services
Telia Company

Simon Wood Ubisecure CIAM

Simon Wood

Telia Company

Can’t wait ’til the session? Check out the case study to see how Telia Company worked with Ubisecure to build an award winning, cross border digital identification and strong authentication hub for KYC across Europe.

Check out the Case Study >>

Where to find the Ubisecure team

Exhibition Booth: Level 1 | 702

Take the chance to meet some of the Ubisecure team in person at Gartner IAM. They’ll be on hand to discuss any questions from the presentation, or around our Identity Platform capabilities for secure and seamless IAM.

Get a live platform demo on how organisations use Ubisecure to quickly implement use cases like single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), access management, authorisation and consent policies, login-as-a-service, and KYC/onboarding.

To ensure you get to speak to the right person, book a meeting with us in advance.

Simon Wood Simon Wood | Group CEO | LinkedIn

John Jellema John Jellema | VP, Product Management

Johan Van Hove Johan Van Hove | VP Sales | LinkedIn

Steve Waite Steve Waite | CMO | LinkedIn

5,501 Placeholder Image Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock Jesse Kurtto | Technology Partnerships Manager/DPO

Jon Clark Jonathan Clark | VP UK & Benelux | LinkedIn

Teemu Sillanpää Teemu Sillanpää | Sales Director | LinkedIn

Jörgen Thunholm Jörgen Thunholm | Partner Manager | LinkedIn

Corina Rowbotham Corina Rowbotham | Sales Manager | LinkedIn

Sami Lindgren Sami Lindgren | Sales Engineer | LinkedIn

About Ubisecure

Ubisecure is a Europe-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) specialist and offers a comprehensive identity management platform deployed as IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service), hybrid or on-premises software.

We provide a single platform that enables high-assurance, cross-border interactions, with the focus on reducing fraud and avoiding data breaches by successfully converging identity and access security to deliver better user experiences.

We are also GLEIF-accredited to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) via our RapidLEI service and have quickly become the global #1 LEI Issuer both in terms of volume and data quality. RapidLEI has issued verified organisation identities to over 150k organisations worldwide.

Our mission is to help enterprises embrace the global digital identity ecosystem, improve operational effectiveness and build trusted business relationships.

Find out more about Why Ubisecure?.

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