Mobile Identity for Telecoms

The Identity Gateway enabling Mobile Connect for MNOs and Service Providers

In the world of digital business, nothing is more prevalent than the mobile phone. The GSMA Mobile Connect program can turn this ubiquitous device and the mobile identity it holds into a versatile, easy to use authentication device for billions of people. Mobile Connect allows people to log-in to websites and applications quickly without the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. It’s safe, secure and no personal information is shared without permission.

Ubisecure’s Identity Gateway solution, built on the scalable identity management and authentication services available through the Ubisecure Identity Platform, allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Service Providers to quickly deploy highly featured Mobile Connect services.  MNOs become true identity providers and can leverage new revenue streams and offer increased customer convenience across large numbers of service providers.


Secure digital identity is now in our hands

The Ubisecure Identity Platform offers MNOs the most complete Mobile Connect deployment. From identity gateway to user experience.

For Mobile Network Operators

Mobile Connect provides mobile networks operators with the possibility of offering convenient end-user authentication services to their business customers and their online services from local e-commerce sites to online banking. By adding Mobile Connect to the product portfolio mobile network operators can become become a true identity providers.

The Ubisecure Identity Platform supports all relevant Web Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols such as SAML; WS-Federation, OAuth, OpenID, OpenID Connect and Mobile Connect. The extensive support enables customers of mobile network operators to utilize their preferred protocol for integration, making the process smooth and effortless. With the Identity Gateway, mobile network operators can become a central hub of identities for online commerce, banking and insurance, e-government, apps, Internet of Things (IoT), APIs, or anything digital that requires authentication of users or entities.

Ubisecure’s Identity Gateway solution can be easily integrated to mobile network operators’ CRM, or other back-end systems, enabling the enrichment of user data and attribute services and provide online services the GSMA defined products “Identity” and “Sign Up”. Beyond authentication these products allow online services to streamline their registration flows and reduce the #1 reason for cart abandonment and therefore increase their revenue. Online services that require strong user authentication will benefit from the authenticators available through mobile network operators and provide their own customers a cost efficient, convenient and secure authentication.

Mobile Connect

For Online Service Providers

Digitalization of business, cloud services and the ever-increasing movement toward online solutions demand flexible, secure and convenient registration and authentication methods. Ubisecure Identity Platform supports over 20 different authentication mechanisms from social media to mobile PKI. One of the supported methods is Mobile Connect. With Ubisecure Identity Platform, online service providers can offer any of these authentication options to their consumer and business customers.

Finance, insurance, energy, healthcare, and many other vertical industries demand convenient, yet secure alternatives to passwords. The authentication options with Mobile Connect offer a toolkit to implement multiple levels of authentication for the online users from a simple swipe of the screen to biometrics, all of them utilizing the mobile phone of the end-user.

Mobile Connect SSO
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Mobile Authentication

  • Swipe/Tap to Confirm (iOS, Android)*
  • HTTP Header silent authentication
  • USSD
  • PIN (iOS, Android)*
  • SMS OTP (all platforms)
  • Fingerprint (iOS, Android)*
  • Face recognition (iOS, Android)*
  • FIDO U2F (iOS, Android)*
  • Mobile PKI (SIM based, ETSI MSS, all platforms)
  • Offline methods: TOTP (Time-based One-Time-Password, does not require a mobile network connection)*

*Uses Smartphone App Authenticator

Other Authentication Methods

  • Username and password
  • Social login (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter…)
  • Business login (Office365/Azure, Google for Business, Windows AD, smart card / token)
  • National eIDs (BankIDs, eID cards, Mobile PKI)
  • OTP print-out list

Supported WebSSO and Federation protocols

  • SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Mobile Connect

Identity Gateway Benefits

  • Product based solution and no custom development needed enabling quick deployment
  • Enables the mobile network operator to become a true identity provider
  • With 20+ out-of-the-box authentication methods, organizations can enable “Bring Your Own Identity” for their customers
  • Easy deployment of security policies through the administrative interface
  • Authentication methods can be deployed or changed in seconds
  • Supports online services, desktop applications, mobile apps and IoT
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