Hitachi + Ubisecure

Connect Hitachi VeinID Five – finger vein biometrics – to your Ubisecure IAM workflows. Deliver frictionless authentication and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Hitachi and Ubisecure integration concept

Ubisecure + Hitachi delivers:

Protection against data breaches
Securely authenticate users by matching their hand gestures with their unique finger vein patterns. Adopt SSO and more to ensure only authorised identities gain access to your services.

Frictionless user experience
Fast authentication with a simple hand gesture to a laptop/desktop camera – no special equipment required. Provide seamless, personalised journeys through your services tied to individual identities.

Simplified compliance
Meet regulations such as CCPA and GDPR with effective identity data management.

Hitachi biometrics

Based on the patterns of veins in one’s finger or hand, vascular pattern recognition (VPR) provides the ease of use of hand geometry with much improved accuracy, smaller readers and contactless use. Hitachi’s finger vein system scans the veins in one’s fingers and then matches the vein patterns of their respective pre-established templates.

Ubisecure CIAM

Ubisecure provides a powerful IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) solution to rapidly build secure identity management capabilities into web, mobile and desktop applications. Registration & secure Login are core capabilities of the Identity Platform and Ubisecure supports third party authentication and identity verification services.

In action

Screenshot - sign in to service

User selects option to log in with VeinID Five.
(Watch these steps in a video demo here)

Screenshot - sign in with VeinID

User states username, hand to be authenticated and which camera they will use.

Screenshot - authentication with VeinID

User holds their specified hand up to the specified camera to be authenticated.

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