Trusona + Ubisecure

Remove passwords, pins, secret questions and knowledge-based authentication from the authentication process.

Trusona Use Cases Ubisecure

Ubisecure + Trusona delivers:

Improved user experience
When your customers use your login, the experience better be smooth, otherwise they won’t trust you. Ubisecure CIAM with integrated Trusona passwordless authentication provides streamlined two-factor authentication experience at the tap of a smartphone.

Business Benefits
Reduce password friction for users and reduce costs for your support team. 2FA as part of your overall Identity Management security posture naturally reduces the risk of breaches.

Passwordless Authentication Use Cases
CIAM with Trusona replaces the password for logins, customer onboarding, web access, application access, call center authentication, PSD2 and more. 

Trusona Passwordless Authentication

Trusona is the pioneer and leader in passwordless two-factor authentication (2FA). Stolen or weak passwords are responsible for over 80% of breaches, and Trusona’s mission is to thwart cybercrime by eliminating them from the user experience. Over 300 organisations, including some of the world’s largest financial services and health care companies, rely on Trusona’s solutions.

Ubisecure CIAM

Ubisecure provides a powerful IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) solution to rapidly build secure identity management capabilities into web, mobile and desktop applications. Registration & secure Login are core capabilities of the Identity Platform and Ubisecure supports third party authentication and identity verification services.

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