Single Page Applications & API Protection Examples

If you need to add authentication and authorisation to your single page applications (SPA), Ubisecure provides libraries, services and a live example of how its been done. We recommend you read the white papers to gain a general understanding of how the protocols work, and then review Ubisecure’s GitHub pages for access to the libraries and examples.

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Recommended Reading

  • SAML vs OAuth 2.0 vs OpenID Connect – a good place to start to understand the differences between the three most common authorisation protocols. This is a free white paper from Ubisecure (requires basic registration).
  • Secure your API using OAuth 2.0 – a second free white paper from Ubisecure with an introductory background to OAuth 2.0 API protection and what a Resource Server needs to implement in order to protect an API with OAuth 2.0 (requires basic registration).

Sample Apps & Libraries

JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) and Ubisecure SSO
Example of a JavaScript Single Page Application that uses OpenID Connect 1.0 for logon and then invokes an OAuth 2.0 protected API.

API protection with OAuth 2.0 and Ubisecure SSO
Example of a simple OAuth 2.0 protected API. Token introspection is used in this example to validate OAuth 2.0 bearer tokens.

The single page application is deployed on GitHub Pages and the API runs on a free-of-charge tier of Azure.

Both apps can be integrated with Ubisecure SSO. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or arrange a demo.

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