Strong Identity with Privileged Access Management

We recently announced a partnership with one of the premier names in cybersecurity, SSH.COM. Let’s dig into what this exciting news actually means and how, together, we’re able to help organisations with the management of privileged access to their systems. Extending the … Read More

Santa Claus IAM

Why Santa Claus Needs Identity Management

“Cease and desist”. Santa picked up the thick, official-looking letter from today’s post. He drew a deep breath and was about to open the letter when his phone suddenly blared out Jingle Bells, telling him that Mrs Claus was calling. … Read More

The Password Must Go

The world is full of good ideas and inventions that reflect the time when they surfaced. Only later we discover that they were actually very bad ones. Tobacco was something back in the day – until we discovered that it … Read More

API Security and CIAM

While browsing through LinkedIn, I came across this table in a post from Mark O’Neill, an analyst from Gartner. Looking at his very brief post promoting their $195 research note, I realised that at least one third of (their) view … Read More

What is federation?

Federation Networks

We have quite a few articles that discuss different aspects of federation. We’ve provided you with the basic information, talked about the differences between an older protocol (SAML) and the new(er) kid on the block (OAuth), and introduced you to … Read More

Customer IAM Fundamentals

Quite a few of our blogs have recently been about projects we are participating in, technology deep dives or GDPR. Time to take a step back and go to the basics and figure out which are the fundamental features and … Read More

50% of Organisations Say It’s Impossible to Reach GDPR Compliance Without CIAM

I know what your first reaction is: “Hold on a minute dear marketer…”. And I am a marketer. That’s why we needed to find out about a few things on how our customers and partners see the current situation. We … Read More

Kundinriktad IAM – i kärnan av all digitaliserings utveckling

Varför inspirerar kundinriktad IAM? Jag blev nyligen tillfrågad varför kundinriktad IAM så tydligt inspirerar oss på Ubisecure. Det var en intressant fråga som gav orsak till en del självreflektion. Här tänkte jag helt kort dela med mig en aning av … Read More

GDPR Configuration Tip #2 – Minimum information collection and disclosure

In this series we look at practical tips on how to configure the Ubisecure Identity Platform for GDPR compliance. This second entry deals with GDPR compliance in terms of data collection and disclosure and how your organization can move towards … Read More

eIDAS as a business driver for online commerce in Europe?

One of the challenges business have in managing their digital transformation is the concern about security and regulatory repercussions of electronic signing of contract documents. From September 2018, the use of electronic identification (eID) and signatures will become a (much more usable) … Read More