Let’s Talk About Digital Identity with Miikka Sainio, CTO, and Rami Raulas, Vice President EMEA, at SSH.com.

In episode 31, Oscar talks to Miikka and Rami about expanding identity beyond IAM and CIAM to Privileged Access Management. Listen for: what exactly Privileged Access Management (PAM) is; PAM benefits and use cases; the complexity and challenges with cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments; ephemeral certificates; the principle and application of zero trust; and SSH’s PAM product – PrivX.

“Ideally you want to have a single pane of glass through which you control access to your whole estate.”

Miikka Sainio

Miikka Sainio

Miikka Sainio is CTO at SSH.com. He has been successfully building services and products for over 20 years as a coder, architect and product owner. Find Miikka on LinkedIn.

Rami Raulas

Rami Raulas

Rami Raulas is Vice President EMEA at SSH.com. He has a wealth of experience in IT, working at Fujitsu prior to joining SSH. His specialist area is in building successful customer experiences. Find Rami on LinkedIn.

SSH.COM (SSH Communications Security Oy) is an encryption specialist for safe data communications and a pioneer in data and internet security since its incarnation, when founder Tatu Ylönen invented the SSH Secure Shell Protocol in 1995. It is a global company with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

Find out more about SSH at www.ssh.com. SSH.com is a Ubisecure partner; view more information in this press release.

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