what is customer iam

What is Customer IAM?

The definition of Customer IAM – (Customer Identity and Access Management, CIAM) – is a multi-dimensional concept, making it seem a bit intimidating for beginners. CIAM is many things and enables many substantial benefits to customer-focused businesses. It doesn’t make … Read More

Santa Claus with tablet

The Oversight Before Christmas: Santa’s GDPR Crisis

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Santa Claus was pacing, and so was his spouse; The Excel spreadsheet was filled in with great care, With details of all the world’s children in there; But Santa had … Read More

Comparing build vs buy customer IAM

Should you build or buy a Customer IAM solution?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know how important a Customer IAM solution is to your business. We hear about a major data breach exposing customer identity credentials every week, so whether your company is B2B or B2C, … Read More

Takeaways from Consumer Identity World 2018 Amsterdam

I had the pleasure to attend the KuppingerCole Consumer Identity World 2018 conference in Amsterdam last week and would like to summarise some of the highlights and list some of my take aways from the event. I was joined by … Read More

15 Ways to Annoy Your Users

Your customer is your most valuable asset, but they are not always easy to please. Here’s a quick list of 15 ways how to annoy users and how not to deal with user identity: 1. Generate a username for them … Read More

Vad är speciellt med kundorienterad IAM?

När man jobbar med den kundorienterade biten av IAM så är man nära kärnan av kundernas verksamhet. Det är då frågan om verksamhetens kunders och partners identiteter. Mao är man en del av den verksamhet vars mål är att generera affärstransaktioner, omsättning … Read More

Affärsnyttan med kundorienterad IAM (CIAM)

För ett decennium sedan var det, om man uttrycker det litet tillspetsat, rätt allmänt att projekten kring identitets- och åtkomsthantering, växte nästan utom kontroll både gällande implementeringstid och budget. De här projekten där organisationens interna IAM implementerades, syftade till att öka den … Read More

Modern ID system

5 Business Benefits of a Modern ID System

The pressure is real. You have all heard or read things like these following statements: “Work smarter not harder.” We want to see results from the digitalisation efforts by the end of the quarter. Our closest competitor and our closest … Read More

Cyber Security vs User Experience

Cyber security is often seen as the opposite of user experience. Good security means inferior user experience. In the digital world that we are part of, creating the best practical user experience is critical to businesses. According to a study … Read More

Customer IAM Fundamentals

Quite a few of our blogs have recently been about projects we are participating in, technology deep dives or GDPR. Time to take a step back and go to the basics and figure out which are the fundamental features and … Read More