Google kill off the URL

What does Google’s plan to kill URLs mean for identity on the internet?

Following the recent Wired article Google wants to kill the URL and follow up article from The SSL Store Google’s plan to kill the URL is a golden opportunity for Certificate Authorities we felt it was worth adding some thoughts … Read More

TrustCubes adds Legal Entity Identifiers to SSL Certificates

SSL now secures almost 90% of the web. It’s one of the most widespread security technologies. To help improve corporate identity assurance in SSL, TrustCubes, who are one of our RapidLEI technology partners has just announced it has connected the … Read More

ecrf 2018

How Identity Assurance technologies are impacting KYC and AML – news from the 21st ECRF Conference

The 21st ECRF (European Commerce Registers’ Forum) conference took place on the 5th-7th June 2018 at the most southern tip of Europe – Gibraltar.  The topics under discussion extended way beyond Europe’s borders, encompassing subjects such as Distributed Ledger Technology … Read More

Legal Entity Identifier - Explainer Video

RapidLEI explainer video – see how it works

We’ve created a simple explainer video to show why automating the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) process is so necessary, and so innovative.  We hope you find it useful, especially if you’re not that familiar with how painful the traditional LEI … Read More

LEI Issuer RapidLEI

RapidLEI brings automated Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) to millions of companies

Earlier this month we announced that Ubisecure is now an accredited LEI issuer. Today Ubisecure has fully launched the RapidLEI SaaS application. RapidLEI dramatically improves how quickly and easily companies apply for and manage their Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) – … Read More


Widening the scope of best practice for LEIs for SSL/TLS identity

“Legislation” & “Regulation” are often cited as the primary reasons for growth behind any initiative.  Whilst “Best Practice” also always has a free ticket to the party, it’s very unusual for it to be on centre stage – unless that … Read More

Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD).  The critical need for data accuracy.

One of the major building blocks of any Identity Assurance ecosystem is the ability to uniquely identify any single member from any other member.  The benefits to the retail industry in adopting industry standard, globally recognized GS1 UPC bar codes … Read More