Mobile Connect Summit London 2017

“The time is now, let’s act together!” That was the theme and core messaging at the GSMA Mobile Connect Summit in London this week. Encouraging operators to work together nationally, and assist service providers to deliver great user experience came … Read More

Mobile World Congress 2017 – MWC

Will the Mobile World Congress 2017 be a tipping point for Mobile Connect? Mobile Connect has all the potential of shaking the way people authenticate on a global basis. It already has over 3 billion enabled users. That’s twice as … Read More

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress – I Mobile Connect

The first 2 days in the largest mobile technology event in the world. From Keith Uber and Petteri Ihalainen Keith: Signing in to the Mobile World Congress web service using Mobile Connect Since last year, GSMA had really adopted the … Read More

The Benefits of Mobile Connect

I recently tried to explain to you what Mobile Connect is. If you missed the fundamentals and wish to learn the basics I recommend you peek into this blog article. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, we can move to … Read More

What is Mobile Connect?

The user authentication market as we know it is about to change. There’s one digital device in existence that has more users than any other in the market. It’s in use from the rural villages of India to the sprawling … Read More

Mobile World Congress (MWC) Highlights – The Future is Now

100,000 delegates recently spent four days in Barcelona in what can be considered the biggest ‘Mobile Everything’ event in the world. Eight big halls were packed with everything to do with mobile. On February 26th, there were 200,000 very sore … Read More

Mobile World Congress

The Benefits of Mobile Connect for Online Authentication

Imagine Dr Evil patting his cat, squinting his eyes, saying “Let’s turn one hundred thousand people into our minions” and ending it with a megalomaniac laugh. But Number 2 is not impressed, coughs into his hand and says “We can … Read More