Let’s talk about digital identity with Niklas Bergvall, Chair of the Mobile Connect Interest Group at GSMA.

In episode 16, Niklas fills us in on how mobile operators around the world have joined forces to build a standard for strong authentication and other services to help protect our digital identity – Mobile Connect.

“It may be that you and I, and some of the listeners of the podcast, are interested in identity. For the rest of the world its a necessary evil.”

Niklas and Oscar discuss Mobile Connect (a mobile identity-based service), its proven global use cases (such as China Mobile), why digital identity became a strategic priority for GSMA and the unique insights of MNOs to improve digital identity.

Niklas Bergvall

Niklas Bergvall

Niklas Bergvall, Chair of the Mobile Connect Interest Group at GSMA, leads the international Mobile Connect community developing and commercialising new identity capabilities using Mobile Connect. The Mobile Connect community engages over 70 mobile operators in over 30 countries, countless service providers, reaching over half a billion people worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in the mobile ecosystem, Niklas has an exceptional understanding of the key challenges being faced when launching products and services internationally. Prior to the GSMA, Niklas launched and managed a number of global business-to-business products and services in various roles at Vodafone, Oxford Instruments and Europolitan.

Find Niklas on LinkedIn.

Find out more about GSMA at www.gsma.com and Mobile Connect at www.gsma.com/identity/mobile-connect.

Ubisecure also has a useful blog on ‘What is Mobile Connect?‘ – check it out here: https://www.ubisecure.com/mobile-connect/what-is-mobile-connect/ – and an overview page on the Mobile Connect solution – read it here: https://www.ubisecure.com/mobile-connect-telecom/.

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