Paul Norris

Ubisecure appoints Paul Norris as new Head of Sales

Ubisecure today announced the appointment of Paul Norris as our new Head of Sales, to lead the sales organisation and the partner ecosystem at a time of rapid company growth. During his career in enterprise sales, Paul previously held a long tenure … Read More

Cyber Security Month 2018

What a change a year makes! Cyber security awareness month 2018 was fairly tame compared to the huge number of events that took place during October 2017.  Take a look at our blog post from last year if you have … Read More

Cyber Security Month 2017

October was the global cyber security month 2017. Looking back, it seems that it should’ve been named cyber insecurity month. For some reason it felt like October provided bad infosec news on a daily basis. On one particular Monday I … Read More

LIGHTest blog

Recap on the LIGHTest Trust Infrastructure Developments

A few hours in an airplane provides a great opportunity for spending a few moments on reflecting where the Trust Infrastructure project LIGHTest is heading now Flying home from a LIGHTest Consortium Meeting in Graz, Austria I’m overwhelmed with the … Read More

LIGHTest blog

The LIGHTest Project will deliver heavily

This series of blogs is about selected R&D efforts of special interest or where Ubisecure participates. This article is about LIGHTest, which is a project that is partially funded by the European Commission as an Innovation Action in the Horizon2020 … Read More

Identity Cloud

Location, Location, Location!

New house, new job, your next holiday even, location has always been an important part of the decision making process. When it comes to powering your business, location is important too. Cloud hosted Software as a Service is nothing new, … Read More

The Importance of Sticking to Your (Information) Security Policies and Procedures When Outsourcing

The recent classified data breach in Sweden is destabilizing the government. The story that has gradually been breaking out this summer is quite astonishing. At the time of the writing of this blog the Swedish government is regrouping after the … Read More

Business Case for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

A decade ago Identity and Access Management projects tended to spiral out of control both on deployment time and budget. These projects where Enterprise IAM were being deployed, aimed to increase internal efficiency, employee satisfaction (by simply reducing the number … Read More

IACA 40th Annual Conference – Unleashing the True Power of a Business Identity

Steve Roylance, Vice President of Identity Services, Ubisecure, recently participated in the 40th IACA Annual Conference in Halifax and proposed a model where an organisation managing vetted identity information, such as a business registry could become an Identity Provider (IdP). … Read More

This is 100% Secure – Information Security Myths

This blog is a step away from our usual Identity and Access Management topics and talks about a few points that people should do, or know, to be better equipped in this modern world of 1s and 0s. In recent … Read More