As the year draws to a close, we’re already eager to execute our plans for 2020. However, it’s an ideal time right now to stop and look back at the phenomenal year that 2019 has been.

Doubled revenue

I’m pleased to reveal that Ubisecure’s growth plan has been delivering impressive results throughout 2019 and by year end we will have doubled revenue from 2018, even as we’ve driven a shift towards a subscription model. Our growth affirms our commitment to a partner-first business model to support rapid growth across our focus business regions. This year 18 new partners throughout the Nordics, DACH and the UK joined the certified partner programmes.

Became fastest growing Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer

Our RapidLEI service is a global LEI registration and management service underpinned by a pioneering automated issuance platform that we launched in 2018. The number of LEIs issued through the service and the number of official partners have been on an incredible growth trajectory throughout 2019, making us the fastest growing LEI issuer in the industry and the largest new LEI issuer outside of the US.

One such partnership was recently announced with DigiCert, the world’s leading Certificate Authority, to make LEIs available to DigiCert customers and partners and open up opportunities for the addition of LEIs into future DigiCert offerings.

We also launched EnterpriseLEI – a service that makes it easy for banks and enterprises to manage multiple LEIs for their customers and partners, making RapidLEI the provider of choice for many leading brands and banks.

Introduced Ubisecure IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service)

An exciting development for our product portfolio was the launch of our IDaaS solution, enabling developers to quickly and easily integrate digital identity management functionality into web, mobile or enterprise applications.

The new IDaaS product, leveraging our existing Identity Cloud experience, offers a simplified, standardised, and rapid deployment, with Single Sign-On as a typical ‘first rung on the ladder’ for identity digitalisation.

Launched in the DACH region

April saw Ubisecure enter the German, Swiss and Austrian markets. The region was selected as the next growth area due to the ripe opportunity for digitalisation and scrutiny of privacy practices that is growing alongside.

Two key partners for the region have been announced so far – Senacor in Germany and inovit in Switzerland – with others due to follow. We also held the IAM Academy – our partner training event series – in the DACH region for the first time this September, to educate participants from those new partner companies on the commercial and technical aspects of Customer IAM and Identity APIs. This free-to-attend event is a pillar of our commitment to education, understanding and awareness of digital identity best-practices for secure, frictionless experiences.

Extended our growing number of award-winning projects

At the European Identity & Cloud Awards in May, KuppingerCole recognised Ubisecure’s work with Telia Company as the Best Consumer Identity Project 2019. The project was the Telia Identification Broker Service – a Nordic and Baltic, cross border, one-stop platform for customers’ strong digital authentication needs as a single service – built on the Ubisecure Identity Platform.

It offers organisations, consumers and developers several strong authentication methods with just one service agreement and integration, removing the need to maintain many separate authentication systems or contracts with each identity provider across the region. It has already been adopted by several private and public sector organisations.

Released our largest-ever platform update

The Identity Platform underwent a major update this year, with the Identity Server 2019.1 release introducing new Features and Improvements for customers and partners. These include a new Accounting Service to aid with user behaviour insights and the platform’s first JavaScript extension, Ubisecure’s SSO UI – Per User Authentication Matching for enhanced user sign ins.

The update is available to be downloaded now – visit our Developer Portal for details

This release also leverages our re-architected continuous development and integration pipeline, bringing increased agility and the ability to run customer-specific regression test scenarios.

Spoke about important identity issues in our successful podcast series

We’ve had some incredible guests on our 2019-launched podcast, Let’s Talk About Digital Identity – find all 12 episodes so far here. The podcast reaches the identity industry via a growing medium, providing news and hot topic conversations on-the-go when it’s not convenient to read articles or watch video content.

The identity industry has always been collaborative – putting competition aside at times is vital to the advancement of technology and standards, and we all have something unique to offer. This is why we produce the podcast with no specific promotion of Ubisecure beyond branding. We want to get to the root of digital identity challenges and solve them together.

Thank you

These listed achievements are a selection of many and are down to hard work by the Ubisecure team and our fantastic partner network, whom I would like to take this opportunity to thank. You should be proud of a great year and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.