Today we’re extremely excited to announce a partnership between Ubisecure and DigiCert, Inc. the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions. The partnership will extend the use of LEIs to DigiCert customers and partners via our RapidLEI Legal Entity Identifier issuance platform. DigiCert is the largest Certificate Authority globally, both through its own organic growth and the acquisition of Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and, most recently, QuoVardis.

LEIs are available to DigiCert customers via The RapidLEI team will be also working with DigiCert to incorporate the identity assurance benefits of Legal Entity Identifiers into the extensive range of its Digital Certificate solutions.

The Global LEI Foundation (the body that governs the LEI ecosystem) sees this as a step-change in LEI awareness and new use case implementation:

“The Ubisecure and DigiCert partnership means we see one of the first global Certificate Authorities join the Global LEI System. We are very excited that two technology leaders are working together to extend the availability of LEIs through new solutions. And we see this as an endorsement of how LEIs connect identity ecosystems to simplify legal entity identification in the digital age for the benefit of all stakeholders globally.”
Stephan Wolf, CEO of GLEIF

CAs have a fundamental role in managing, asserting and protecting digital identities. As most of our management team originate from the CA industry, we couldn’t be happier to be collaborating with a world class CA like DigiCert as we connect the CA and LEI identity ecosystems. Once connected our goal is to provide enhanced identity data transparency (and therefore trust) through the use of standardized organization identities.

“DigiCert is excited to work with the Ubisecure team and GLEIF to explore how LEIs can have a positive impact for our customers and their end-users. DigiCert has a long history of commitment to confirming identity for digital interactions. Our work with LEIs represents another step to further enhance online trust for various connected ecosystems.”
John Merrill, CEO of DigiCert

In the meantime check out how we are advancing LEI use cases with services like Right to Represent – a rights assertion/verification service that digitally connects individuals to organizations and allows Facebook/Google/Apple sign-in style integration for authentication of identity and rights.

You can read the full press release at and DigiCert customers can obtain LEIs at