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IAM Academy trains ICT professionals for the world of Customer Identity and Access Management. We have trained over 300 participants from Europe, USA, South America, Japan. Ubisecure IAM Academy is one of the best packages to get familiar with both the business and technical side of Customer IAM. The course content is constantly updated to reflect the most recent trends and technologies of Customer Identity and Access Management.

The courses are divided into 2 tracks, business and technical. Completing all 5 courses will give you the ability to participate in both IAM deployment projects and commercial efforts. You can select a package or individual courses when you register. The courses are free, but Ubisecure will qualify all participants separately for participation.

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IAM Academy Spring 2019

Registration for our next IAM Academy is now open! 

Course 1: Customer IAM Basics: Tuesday 23.04.2019  9am – 4pm

Ability to conduct Customer IAM sales presentations. Ability to communicate professionally regarding Customer IAM issues. How to present most common use-cases and features. How to show solution benefits. Ability to understand and follow the steps of the Customer IAM sales process.

Course 2: Customer IAM Sales Support: Contact us for more information

Customer Identity and Access Management Sales Support. Ability to create bid deliverables for the IAM sales process. Ability to respond to technical Customer IAM questions Ability to operate independently as a sales partner. How to make a sales offer.

Course 3: Customer IAM Basic Consultant, Technology track: Wednesday 24.04.2019  9am – 4pm

Basic Customer Identity and Access Management Consultant. Ability to understand Customer IAM technologies, standards and products. Ability to consult with customers on Customer IAM projects.

Course 4: Customer IAM Advanced Consultant, Technology track: Tuesday / Wednesday 14-15.05.2019  9am – 4pm

Customer Identity and Access Management Bachelor Consultant. Ability to install and configure a flexible Customer IAM solution. Ability to assist and support the customer in Customer IAM business analysis, product selection, installation, integration and configuration.

Course 5: Customer IAM Professional: Contact us for more information

Customer Identity and Access Management Master Consultant. Ability to provide professional consulting in Customer IAM business planning. Ability to communicate with senior management on the positive business and economic benefits of IAM projects.

Certification is available for persons who complete the whole training. The packages include:

Customer IAM Sales Professional: Includes courses 1, 2 and 5

Customer IAM Technical Consultant: Includes courses 1, 3 and 4

Customer IAM Certified Professional: All courses


IAM Academy Materials for Students

The following course material is intended for IAM Academy participants.

If you have completed a course or courses and do not have access to the material, please contact us.

Course 1 – Customer IAM Basics


Course 2 – Customer IAM Sales Support


Course 3 – Customer IAM Sales


Course 4 – Customer IAM Technical Consultant


Course 5 – Customer IAM Professional