Let’s talk about digital identity with Bengt Berg, Head of Compliance Management Services at Cybercom.

“The most common system or platform to get hacked is the system you didn’t even know you had.”

We all know the importance of regulatory compliance in any Identity and Access Management (IAM) scenario. What we don’t always know is how to make colleagues engage with compliance, to ensure they sit up, listen and remember to always keep compliance front of mind.

In episode 21, Bengt Berg fills us in on the new alternatives to the dreaded compliance management handbook that sits on the office shelf collecting dust, taking inspiration from the finance industry. Oscar and Berg also cover other key topics such as how to convince the board that IT security is important with easily accessible metrics, specific cases of IT security compliance in IAM and Cybercom’s approach to compliance management.

Bengt BergBengt has been in the IT security industry since 1994, when building encryption systems for people in uniforms, have been a manager in an American big firm, has taken some time in the finance industry and today works as a do-all guy at Cybercom. Some sales, some consulting, some business strategy, and is also a member of the steering group of Cybercom Secure. He is also the proud father and protector of Cybercom’s products and services in the Compliance Management area.

Connect with Bengt on LinkedIn or at bengt.berg@cybercom.com.

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