Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI)

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In 2018, Ubisecure obtained accreditation to issue LEIs and created RapidLEI. The RapidLEI platform has been designed from the ground-up to help companies obtain LEIs quickly, easily and accurately. Our algorithms do the heavy lifting – providing unparalleled automation, improving accuracy and reducing the total cost of ownership for the Legal Entity during the application process.


LEI Background:

When representing your corporate digital identity, it is not sufficient to use your ‘local’ number provided by a country specific Business Register or Chamber of Commerce. Regulators, especially those related to the financial services industry, are now mandating the use of a global number.

Enter the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), established and supported by the GLEIF, as a globally recognised and unique cost effective, strong identity both for international and local trade. But obtaining LEIs can be complex, time consuming and sometimes inaccurate.


Benefiting from the global LEI ecosystem:

Organisations operating within the identity ecosystem, i.e. those providing, managing or relying on company identity attributes such as business registries, banks, Government, cross boarder traders, can now combine the power of verified company identities with the Ubisecure CIAM identity platform. By using identity platform, organisations can reduce costs associated with conducting company verification, improve speed of corporate KYC & AML workflows, and use the identity brokering solution as a means to authenticate their customer’s corporate identities to 3rd party service providers.


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