Identity Server 2019.1 is released today, including SSO 8.4 and CustomerID 5.4.

As we wrap up another whirlwind year of development, we are thrilled to bring you our Identity Server 2019.1 release. We’re eager to announce that the package is filled with new Features and Improvements, and resolves an extensive list of Corrections to the code. Across the year the team has built and improved on our existing procedures, and we can confidently say to each of you, our customers and partners, that our Identity Platform (Identity Server 2019.1) is our best software package ever!

New Features – moving forward

We have continued our development towards microservices.  In the same manner as the CIBA backchannel authenticator from our 2018.1 release, we have added an initial Accounting Service to Identity Server.  Being able to see which of your service integrations have usage will help focus your support teams – if an integration (your integrated application) has low usage for the day, it could mean there is a service impacting issue.  Seeing the total amount of usage by integration method, and in the future by integrated application, may help focus your business on growing services; as the old saying goes ‘knowledge is power’.

We’ve also created our first versioned JavaScript extension, our SSO UI – Per User Authentication Matching. This feature is focused on ease of use – right  down to each end-user.  When you deploy the Per User Authentication Matching extension, each person who uses your service will be presented with login options specific to their account.  From there its a straight forward path –  fewer steps means each person can spend more of their time using your service, not logging into it.  Finally, we have reformatted our Release Notes to include Known Issues, making it easier for you to identify configuration or deployment complications that your support organisation may be running into. The goal is increased transparency, helping you find any identified areas or additional microservices that we will be developing in future releases and, ultimately, to ensure that we improve every additional software package we release.

During future support calls and meetings, we will continue to ask more details over how you are using Ubisecure’s Identity Platform.  The goal is to be able to identify and ensure that we can provide a solution to your issue – no matter if it is a small question or a radical shift in direction. We want to understand what works well and what we can do to help improve your use of the Identity Platform.  We’re all ears, so feel free to tell us anything you like.

The thrill of development!

If you have never worked with an engineering team it might seem odd, but there is a real thrill to participating in the creative process.  From whiteboarding an idea to then seeing the team dig into the coding development and bring a sketch into real functioning code, there is real energy present as they pull together and brainstorm solutions. Making a release package is just like this, except on a much larger scale.  Everyone putting the release through the final testing process comes together to make sure we’re perfecting everything down to the final detail.   After finalising a release, we are permitted a moment of time to look back at what we did well, and what we desire to improve even more moving into 2020.   And then we jump back into near-continual improvement mode!

We hope that you will review our release notes, found on the Developer Portal, and technical blog for a peek into each of the enjoyable engineering projects on offer within this release. Please be on the lookout for more detailed blogs over the features and our upcoming plans.  We have a lot in store for Identity Platform releases over 2020!