Blockchain identity

Blockchain for Identity – revolution or misrepresentation?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years you can’t help but have seen the rise of Blockchain based propositions, touted as the certain next big thing. Pretty much regardless of industry or use case, … Read More

ecrf 2018

How Identity Assurance technologies are impacting KYC and AML – news from the 21st ECRF Conference

The 21st ECRF (European Commerce Registers’ Forum) conference took place on the 5th-7th June 2018 at the most southern tip of Europe – Gibraltar.  The topics under discussion extended way beyond Europe’s borders, encompassing subjects such as Distributed Ledger Technology … Read More

Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD).  The critical need for data accuracy.

One of the major building blocks of any Identity Assurance ecosystem is the ability to uniquely identify any single member from any other member.  The benefits to the retail industry in adopting industry standard, globally recognized GS1 UPC bar codes … Read More

Ubisecure is now an accredited LEI issuer

This week we’ve been very excited to announce that Ubisecure is now an approved Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer. For those that don’t know, LEIs are 20-digit, alpha-numeric code based on the ISO 17442 standard. They are required for unique … Read More

IACA 2017

Identity Assurance in Electronic Transaction – presenting at the 40th IACA Annual Conference

I’m thrilled to be discussing Identity Assurance, at the 40th IACA Annual Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia from May 21-25. In the first general session on the Tuesday – entitled CLEAR SAILING: IDENTITY ASSURANCE IN ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS, I will be … Read More


[A chance to see our beautiful language full of vowels in action! This is a blog article about the Finnish Trust Federation Network – Luottamusverkosto – that will become active in May 2017. There will be an English version available … Read More

What is federation?

What is Federation?

Federation is a technology that can benefit both users and companies. Federation improves customer experience, facilitates registration (conversion) and enables online business ecosystems. Digital identities live in domains. A domain has an owner, usually a business / company. In a … Read More

What is Single Sign-On (SSO) & SSO for Customers?

SSO for Customers Single Sign-On (SSO) is something that works wonderfully, but includes much more than meets the eye. Here, let me try to share some light on the technology… When you are taking a holiday trip with your family … Read More

What is an Identity Provider

… And what can it do for you? In my series of looking at fundamental things in Identity and Access Management I thought it would be a high time to explain what an Identity Provider (IdP) is. An IdP is an essential … Read More