Let’s talk about digital identity with Sid Desai, Director at REMME.

In episode 19, Oscar talks to Sid about what exactly a decentralised ID is, its benefits, use cases and open standards such as the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification from W3C. They also discuss how decentralised identity will develop in the coming years, and why REMME is building a decentralised model of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

“Blockchain replaces traditional ‘trust by authority’ with ‘trust by computation’.”

Sid DesaiSid Desai is a Boston (USA) based IT security professional who’s passionate about user/machine identities, security & PKI. Sid has led the distributed identity front in his work at REMME, helping work with the platform, engineering and partner teams to massively extend the impact of decentralised identity & authentication solutions for the modern enterprise. He consults with REMME’s customers around the world on how to transform their identity & authentication ecosystems thus helping them increase their business integrity & efficiency while lowering costs. Recognised as a well-rounded advocate for identity, digital transformation and blockchain-enabled solutions, Sid is also a regular speaker, contributing author and media commentator. Find Sid on LinkedIn or email sid@remme.io.

Founded in 2015, REMME is building the distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and PKI-enabled apps to address the challenges of Web 3.0. REMME Auth is a 2-click authentication solution that allows users to securely access a website without passwords. Instead, the solution uses X.509 self-signed certificates and blockchain technology. Find out more at remme.io.

REMME is a Ubisecure partner, with the companies collaborating to create identity solutions using blockchain technology. Read the press release here – https://www.ubisecure.com/news-events/remme-ubisecure-blockchain-identity-management/

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