We’re excited to announce a second new partnership this week. Today we announce that Alpha Generation, a leading value-added IT distributor, will be working with Ubisecure to extend Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) to the UK market.

Alpha Generation was founded in 2013, and has a strong background in IT distribution and specialises in proactive security solutions. Alpha Generation works on a foundation of product knowledge, channel building, marketing support and personal expertise to deliver tangible value to the channel.

For Alpha Generation, the Ubisecure CIAM solution strikes the balance between capability and usability.

“Ubisecure is exactly the kind of vendor that our resellers love,” says Stuart Reay, Managing Director at Alpha Generation Distribution. “On the one hand, verifying identities is more important than ever before, not just on endpoints but in the cloud and to support a remote workforce. But the only effective technology is one that’s readily adopted and easy to use – and that’s exactly what Ubisecure, with its years of experience in the identity management space, has delivered.”

“We’re excited to be launching this new partnership with Alpha Gen,” says Simon Wood, CEO at Ubisecure. “Alpha Gen’s mix of different resellers including managed service providers is the perfect fit for our product line-up and ‘as a service’ offerings. I’m confident that Alpha Gen’s network and knowledge are the right fit for us.”

To find out how Alpha Generation and Ubisecure can help your business transform your identity management initiatives to become digital-first in these days of remote working and remote customer engagement, visit www.alpha-gen.co.uk