Nordic IAM Conference

On May 24th in Helsinki, Ubisecure hosted the first Nordic IAM conference of its kind. Attendees, speakers and partners came from all over Europe to listen to the experts within the identity ecosystem, and of course network amongst identity peers. We learned that the business opportunity for incorporating digital identities is greater than ever – regulation, digital transformation and user experience is driving innovation and standardization across all industries. And as many in the industry know, the Nordics are particularly well advanced in embracing digital identity, making for many interesting case studies and conversations around digital identity for users, customers and even microservices.

Thank you to all that attended and especially our speakers who covered their topics with passion. If you couldn’t attend here’s what you missed.


Open Identity Exchange – the Global Growth of Digital Identity

Sue Dawes, Executive Director with Open Identity Exchange (OIX), opened the event with a keynote on how the OIX has seen substantial growth of use of digital identity across several industries. After explaining the role of the OIX in the identity ecosystem, Sue focused in on several case studies – digital identity in the UK, open banking and how the International Air Transport Association is using digital identities to provide a frictionless passenger experience.

A friction-free process enabling an individual to assert their identity, online or in person, to the required level, keeps personal data private and enables improvements to operational efficiency and security” – International Air Transport Association: One Identity Project”

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FICORA – Building a Trust Network on Strong Identification

Jukka-Pekka Juutinen, Head of Security Supervision – Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, discussed how trust is everything when building a trust network on strong authentication and presented a blueprint for success. Finland now counts 8 identity brokers preparing for participation in the Finnish Trust Network.

“From act to regulation, guidelines and recommendations – the backbone of trust network”

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GSMA – How To Combine Cross-border eID Recognition With Convenience For Users And Online Services

Marta Ienco, Head of Governments and Regulatory Affairs, Identity Programme at the GSMA, gave the audience a background on Mobile Connect and presented a case study of how Mobile Connect became the first private-sector cross-border service authentication solution that meets the technical requirements of eIDAS.

“eIDAS Mobile Identity and Mobile Connect represents an addressable market of 447m users and $2.47b in potential services”

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Telia – The New Norm of the Digital World

Lauri Immonen, Head of Security & Identity, Global Services & Operations at Telia, outlined how Telia is helping make internationally federated identities the new norm, and how Telia’s ID service (an authentication provider brokering service) replaces the need for Service Providers to manage a dozen separate authentication provider contracts and integrations with one single brokering platform.

“It’s all about the customer trends – apps, payment, fiber, roaming, cloud, IoT, security, globalization and digitalization”

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Aditro – IAM as part of Cloud Business strategy

Aditro’s Janne Leppänen & Jani Räty detailed how Identity & Access Management was a core part of the company’s cloud business strategy and how Aditro ID (based on Ubisecure’s Identity Platform) is the centralized authentication and SSO service for all Aditro Cloud services.

“Delegation of user access and self-service , out-of-the-box standard / protocol and authentication method support, convincing future roadmap and overall IAM experience and track record.” – Benefits of using Ubisecure

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Intragen – Why Legacy IAM will not workwith Customer IAM

Colin Miles, IAM Professional Services Manager with Intragen explained why legacy identity management solutions will not work well when it comes to Customer IAM (CIAM) requirements, and how CIAM offers organisations significant new business opportunities through business transformation initiatives.

“Customer IAM solutions have their own unique requirements that are best addressed through selecting and integrating best-of-breed solution components for CIAM.”


Kantara – Digital Identity in 2018

Colin Wallis, Executive Director of Kantara Initiative, gave the second keynote of the day (in the style of an age-old wedding rhyme), how digital identity in 2018 can be explained through something old (Facebook), something new (GDPR, AI, Blockchain Identity), something borrowed (Consent Receipts), something blue (Ubisecure!).

“Shout out to Finland, the unsung hero of digital identity.”

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Nixu – Passwords must die!

Joonatan Henriksson, Head of Digital Business for Nixu Cybsecurity, took on the password with his “Passwords must Die” presentation complete with real life case studies detailing how strong authentication, single factor authentication and multi factor authentication have replaced the password.

“We used to say that on the Internet no-one knows you are a dog. With today’s cookies and tracking we need to say instead on the Internet, everyone knows you are a dog.”

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Spellpoint – Securing Access for Microservices

Tero Pasanen, Senior IAM Architect with Spellpoint, talked about how Customer IAM (CIAM) principles and technology can be applied to identities for microservices to provide authentication and authorization of APIs.

“With microservices we still have an end-point – service URL – to protect. That is just what customer IAM SSO services do.”

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SSH – Credentialess Cloud Access

Markku Rossi, CTO of SSH, presented “Credentialess Cloud Access” and how cloud characteristics and the rules of the game have changed for cloud services.

“Monolith Architecture to Microservices Architecture.  Production Updates go from 2/year to 100/day. Roles change from 2 to 10s.”

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Inside Security – Strong Authentication with Smartphones

Markku Mehtälä, VP Authentication for Inside Secure, finished the presentation slots with his views on strong Authentication with smartphones and how to get the best combination of convenience, capabilities and compliance.

“Bad: 50% had frequently abandoned online payments due to authentication problems. Good: 30% increase in self service portal usage after deploying secure passwordless authentication.” – Bad Authentication vs Good Authentication

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IAMwithUBI 2019 – save the date

We closed the event by announcing that IAMwithUBI is now an annual event, and to save the date – April 10 2019 IAMwithUBI will return.


And introducing IAMwithUBI Local

We are also extremely pleased to announce IAMwithUBI Local – local half day events happening every quarter around Europe. We will kick off in Autumn 2018 in London – details to be shared shortly.


If you’d like to know more or discuss how we can help you build digital identity into your applications, please get in touch!


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