Here we are again, the start of a new year. It does feel like 2023 arrived more softly than previous years. Maybe due to 2022 being a year that globally progressed very differently than we all expected.

At Ubisecure we’ve been pushing forward on many initiatives for the last 12 months, and now is a good time to surface and reflect on what has been achieved.

Continued Growth

Ubisecure is a private company and so we do not publish detailed financials, but we are pleased to announce that we are definitely the right side of the ‘rule of 40’. I think given the global economic climate and the continuing macro situation this is a great result and will serve us well into 2023.

The return of face-to-face events

One of the really positive aspects of 2022 has been the return of in-person events. In 2022 we were fortunate to meet identity ecosystem stakeholders and present at the Gartner IAM event in London (read our event summary), as well as cybersecurity events in New York, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. We also attended our first face-to-face KYC in Banking event where we presented alongside the GLEIF on the value of organisation identity in client onboarding., The immediate feedback and connection you get from face-to-face presentations results in a far more fluid, engaged and valuable session. I do expect 2023 to continue and grow in that regard and we already have a number of speaking engagements booked.

And the rise of the vLEI

We were very proud to be working closely with the GLEIF back in May and June for the Verifiable-LEI pilot that took place. Ubisecure acted as the Qualified vLEI Issuer for the pilot and the credentials issued were used to sign the GLEIF 2021 report. This is a great step forward for the wider LEI eco-system and directly supports our previous predictions of the convergence of classical identity and Verifiable Credentials. During 2023 we will be working with the GLEIF to become a full QVI that can deliver commercially consumable and scalable credentials, so watch this space for more details.

New Logo Wins

Taking great care of our existing customers is always a #1 priority for us but growing that customer base is a close #2. We’ve welcomed some great new customers in 2022 – ranging from global media giants to several of the world’s largest banks. UK innovation and Nordic excellence are a winning combination and serving us very well as we expand beyond our Nordic footprint.

Organisation Identity growth

LEI registration through our RapidLEI brand is going from strength to strength. We remain the #1 issuer of validated LEIs per month, every month. We are the leading provider of GLEIF Validation Agent services through our LEI Everywhere proposition, which is now being used by several of the top ten largest banks.

The LEI eco-system itself is growing well through a number of initiatives, the UK paperless trade bill and the US Customs & Border Protection global business identifier program clearly mark the LEI as the essential identifier of 2022.

Spreading the word

Being at the center of a number of digital identity initiatives we have a wide array of connections into the broader identity industry who we think have plenty of interesting things to say, and it seems many of you agree with us. Over the last year our ‘Lets talk about Digital Identity’ podcast series has doubled its listenership, thanks to the many fantastic guests and introduction of the innovative “Identity Stories Series”. If you have not heard it yet, please have a look and listen to our #LTADI podcast episodes and see why so many people are subscribing.

Looking forward in 2023

Driving the vision

Our belief in the power of digital identity to precisely express who you are, who you represent, and the rights you have when representing them through a combination of highly assured Organisation Identity and strong authenticated Individual Identity defines the core of our focus as we navigate 2023. Read about the Ubisecure vision for the future of digital identity or watch the short video below:

Ubisecure 2022 Year in Review


Driving growth through global initiatives

There are a number of global initiatives in play that intersect with our vision, from the cross-border EU ID to GAIN to vLEI. These global efforts all leverage the LEI as the underlying Organisation Identifier and go some way to enabling an expression of representation. The derived, most often through delegation, expression of rights connected to that representation is where Ubisecure delivers a step change in value to these propositions.

Driving pace

We have a lot to do but we have a growing team of experts who are working hard on pushing us forward, both technically and commercially. It’s the Ubisecure people that really make the difference to what we do. If you would like to be part of the journey, please speak to us, we are always looking for great, like-minded people to join the team.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year, wherever you are, and look forward to what 2023 brings to the world of identity management.