Omada is a sector-leading Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution provider, recognised by Gartner in the IGA magic quadrant and solving workforce identity management challenges globally. Today we announce a new strategic partnership between Ubisecure and Omada to offer enterprises a joint identity management solution that extends to both workforce users and external users (like customers, partners, contractors etc).

The relationship with Omada is especially exciting for Ubisecure, our partners and our customers because it broadens our ability to meet identity management requirements that span both external users (our expertise) and internal users (Omada’s expertise).

Geir Christensen, Partner Manager at Omada, said, “Managing digital identity is complex. Thanks to this new partnership, Ubisecure and Omada can eliminate the complexity of managing both workforce and customer identities with a single solution. As authorities in our particular identity domains, with complementary technologies, together we can better enable digital transformation and help our customers achieve the true potential of digital business.”

Jonathan Clark, VP Channel & Alliances at Ubisecure, said, “With the sudden need to be both digital and remote, the line between workforce users and external users is becoming blurred. Reducing breach risk, improving user registration and engagement, delivering applications faster and meeting compliance requirements are common drivers for both the workforce and customer identity domains. However, they demand different approaches and different technologies – a fact that organisations don’t always realise until it’s too late.“

Now more than ever before, organisations need to be digital-first. We’ve written recently on how digital-first means being identity-centric, and being identity-centric is essential to secure remote working, operational efficiencies, and protection of revenue as organisations adapt to the new COVID world. The partnership with Omada will accelerate how enterprises achieve meaningful identity-centric initiatives across all identity domains.

You can read the full press release here.

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