We know that organisations around the world depend on Ubisecure and RapidLEI services to keep their businesses running. We can confirm that all Ubisecure (inc. IDaaS & IDC) and RapidLEI services are well prepared to ensure no interruption to service levels or customer support levels during these challenging times.

Firstly, the welfare and safety of our staff is our priority. All staff have been asked to follow their local authority guidelines regarding working from home, and almost all Ubisecure staff can perform their roles remotely. Secondly, because of the nature of the software and cloud services we offer, remote administration is built into the core operations of our organisation. The RapidLEI service in particular, as a cloud service, has been designed to be operated remotely since inception. Thirdly, our cloud services use tier one service providers with high redundancy across multiple locations so we do not expect any issues related to these turbulent times.

We wish all the best for our loyal customers during these times and please be reassured that Ubisecure, RapidLEI and our extensive Partner network remain committed to delivering business as usual.