‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Santa Claus was pacing, and so was his spouse;
The Excel spreadsheet was filled in with great care,
With details of all the world’s children in there;
But Santa had just heard of GDPR,
And data breaches at Facebook and Aadhaar;
Suddenly his spreadsheet seemed too insecure,
No record of parents’ permission, and more;
“Oh, how can I make my nice list compliant?
Mrs Claus, you know my spreadsheet is giant.”
“My dear, you need centralised IAM.
Identity Access Management – one of them.
It gives you full control of all your data,
From the north pole to below the equator.
No more wondering who has access to what,
Or if parents have given consent or not.
You can even assign authority to Head Elves,
Who, in turn, could delegate access themselves.”
So Santa called up Ubisecure at once,
For not ringing sooner, he felt like a dunce.
At Ubisecure great advice was provided,
Like whether to choose cloud, on-premise or hybrid.
Predictable pricing and care guaranteed,
Mr Claus had no doubt that they would succeed.
As the sleigh took off that same Christmas night,
Santa was delighted he’d made things right.


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