Cybersecurity enables digitalisation

In a modern society everything is being digitalised, from simple services all the way up to how governments and countries operate. Digitalisation can leverage countless innovations, make our lives easier and enable businesses to offer new services, widening their customer base. Interacting online is the new normal. At the same time, during 2020 we saw more breaches and cyber-attacks than ever before, where huge amounts of data were leaked on companies, governments and individuals. Digitalisation is the way forward, but it’s never been this important to make sure it’s done in a secure way by security professionals. 

Training future cybersecurity professionals

Ubisecure is committed to taking an active role in education initiatives around cybersecurity awareness and training security professionals to help companies leverage the true (and secure) potential of digitalisation. Last week we had the great pleasure to be part of Aalto University Professional Development’s (Aalto PRO)‘s “Cyber Security Expert” programme that equips participants interested in a security career to work in security-related roles, through extensive training, project work, and on-the-job learning.

With digital identity being at the core of any digital-first business, our role as a digital identity company was to shine a light on how Identity and Access Management is a key part of enabling secure, seamless, & simplified digital experiences. Robust identity management solutions decrease the risk of breaches by stopping unauthorised access on a granular basis, while reducing operational costs and enhancing user experience. Trusting your identity management at the hands of experts and comprehensive identity management solutions is the best way to ensure your data is kept and managed the safest way possible.  

Ubisecure also has our own training program, IAM Academy, that has trained over 300 participants from all over the world including Europe, USA, South America, India and Japan. IAM Academy trains ICT professionals on all commercial and technical aspects of Identity & Access Management and gets them ready for real life implementations, helping their customers with IAM in all sectors.  

Digitalisation carries a huge amount of potential that can change our lives for the better, but the foundation of it relies on security – and for that, we need security professionals. Want to become an IAM consultant? Check our next IAM Academy training dates here.