New house, new job, your next holiday even, location has always been an important part of the decision making process. When it comes to powering your business, location is important too.

Cloud hosted Software as a Service is nothing new, it was first proposed by John McCarthy in 1961 in his MIT centennial celebration speech, but over the last 20 years has gone from strength to strength since the start of in 1999.

Cloud computing, with the associated SaaS commercial model, has enabled business of all sizes to access technologies and capabilities that would otherwise not be practical or possible. The outsourcing of technical complexity, operational challenges and management risk has enabled companies to focus their time and energy on their unique proposition rather than the ‘me too’ technical and infrastructure aspects.

However, there is still a residual responsibility for the business operation, and ultimately that sits with the CEO. The decision to outsource your business or operational systems might be a simple one, the choice of who and where will be significantly more complex.

We have recently spoken about the issues of governance when systems are outsourced to any degree, and that should be a core factor in the decision making process, should it be directly to the software creator with standard T’s & C’s, or to an intermediary with whom you can directly define operational governance requirements? Indeed, going directly with the software creator will be your only real option if the service is provided solely as a cloud service. As the choice of location varies so the choice of ‘who’ becomes more important.

You want to avoid the ‘non-core’ challenges of infrastructure operation (you want a different location) but you also want strong governance controls over the actual location and operation. The obvious solution is to take an on-premise version of the software and have that operated and managed by a System Integrator for your benefit. This could be delivered as a ‘private cloud’ service on the System Integrators site or if the nature of your business or operation requires, a fully managed service on your site.

At Ubisecure, having spent the last 15 years working with government departments and both large and small businesses we recognise and embrace that need for such flexibility. The majority of large and medium businesses already have existing relationships with local System Integrators and the Ubisecure Identity Platform deployment options provide both the SI’s and the end customer with enhanced value, each focusing on the their core business, each growing as a result.

For the end customer the SI brings contractual risk management with the correct level of corporate, business and operational governance.

We are committed to retaining and growing the deployment options of the platform for the direct benefit of our System Integrator partners and their existing and new customer base. If you are a System Integrator and would like to know more about how we can help you grow your business by enhancing your customer’s productivity and value, please give us a call or contact us. If you are looking for the right partner to help you deploy Customer IAM solutions, take a look at our Partner pages.