IDaaS is Ubisecure’s SaaS-delivered CIAM (Customer IAM) solution delivered via the cloud and managed by Ubisecure. It allows ITOps to quickly configure common customer and b2b IAM functions such as customer Single Sign-On (SSO), authentication and authorisation ‘as-a-service’ capabilities into applications quickly and securely.

We launched IDaaS last year. Simon Wood, Ubisecure’s CEO said at the time:

“The new IDaaS solution has been created as a response to demand from developers for simplified use cases and also to an ever-upwards trend of SaaS adoption. Ubisecure has always deployed solutions to the cloud, but this approach offers a simplified, standardized deployment that allows developers to implement features like SSO, much faster and easier.”

Today we’re making IDaaS more accessible with our new free trial. The free trial can be used for up to 30 days and 100 users and gives ITOps / DevOps / Developers access to a number of the Ubisecure IDaaS SSO-as-a-service, authentication-as-a-service, and authorisation-as-a-service capabilities for their own target applications (or Ubisecure’s test application). We see this as a great benefit for anyone evaluating cloud IAM or SaaS IAM functionality.

Solving identity challenges can be complex for organisations that do not typically have the time or resource for staff to learn the nuances of IAM and its various standards. We have always provided comprehensive how-to guides and white papers, but nothing is more effective than allowing people to roll up their sleeves and use real live identity management with standards-based (in particular OpenID Connect) capabilities.

Sign up for a free IDaaS trial today.