Ubisecure Identity Cloud & Identity Server

Ubisecure simplifies the interactivity between the three identity domains:






We help organisations achieve this with the Identity Platform – feature rich digital identity management cloud services and software. 

how Ubisecure works

Ubisecure Identity Cloud & Identity Server, both part of the Identity Platform, provide the building blocks to developers and enterprises to simplify how applications securely use digital identity. Being an API first company, Ubisecure provides the specialised identity management so our partners and customers don’t have to become identity experts.

We focus on building solutions for external user identity scenarios such as Customers/Consumers (Customer IAM) and Partners (B2B IAM).

How Customer IAM works

Why is getting digital identity right important now?

  • Data breaches are increasing, and identity data is a bigger target than ever before
  • The threat surface has expanded beyond the enterprise, and now includes customers, partners, and the supply chain
  • Customer and Partners want frictionless, but secure, omnichannel experiences
  • Service Providers offer multiple, but often disconnected, applications
  • New regulation around privacy (GDPR), consent, and strong authentication (PSD2) are in force
  • There is a wide pool of existing OpenID Connect, OAuth 2, and SAML standards-based, federated digital identities to help organisations with customer / partner identity proofing, authentication, registration and login services

Why do organisations use Ubisecure?

  • To reduce breach risk by using technologies like Single Sign-On (SSO) for customers and partners, including user friendly multi-factor authentication (MFA), step up authentication and more
  • To give customers and partners a single identity for all connected applications and accounts
  • To connect external identity providers to applications, including social, enterprise, mobile or verified digital identities, for registration and identity profile enrichment
  • To implement full identity management lifecycles and complex authorisation workflows
  • To offer self-management of identity credentials, or to allow users to delegate identity management to other users or organisations
  • To add privacy and data consent management to applications
  • To minimise identity data silos and consolidate and normalise data in a secure directory(s)
  • To convert anonymous, casual website visitors to known, active registered users
  • To take advantage of many years of identity standards implementation through easy to implement SDKs and APIs
  • To meet the necessary scale of customer identity use cases – always magnitudes of scale over employee identity use cases
  • To replace legacy IAM solutions with a modern API first solution
  • Ultimately, to get applications to market faster and give your customers and partners a secure, better experience

How CIAM works

Your Identity Data, your choice how Ubisecure is deployed

Identity Cloud

IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service)

Ubisecure managed Identity-as-a-Service for simple, fast to market SSO, MFA and Identity Provider connections for Customers, Partners and Suppliers. Learn More

Identity Platform

Identity Server

On-premise software deployed at your own location(s) through a certified deployment partner.

Identity Cloud

Identity Cloud

A Ubisecure certified cloud partner hosts your Identity Platform deployment, provides SLA, you choose datacenter location.

Ubisecure mostly deploys larger scale Identity Cloud and Identity Server solutions through our Certified Partner network. Partners have local and vertical specialisation – find the right partner in our directory and contact us to discuss requirements.

You can get directly started quickly and easily with Ubisecure’s managed Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution – available for B2B and B2C Single Sign-On (SSO), MFA and Identity Provider use cases with additional identity management add-ins as required. Learn more about IDaaS.

Technology Use Cases & Identity Platform Capabilities


Single Sign-On (SSO)
A single digital identity to login across many applications

Identity Management
User management lifecycle workflows, customer self-care

Authentication & MFA
Passwordless login to mobile device and step-up Authn

Access rights and authority rights workflows made easy

Identity Providers & Proofing
Quickly connect existing 3rd party identities from identity providers

Delegated Authority
Manage how customers delegate access / authority to 3rd parties

Identity Brokering
Award winning solution to deploy digital identity federation

Organisation Identity
G20 endorsed Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI)

Rights Governance
Verify the rights of individuals to represent their organisation

Supporting Industry Standards

Ubisecure is a member and community contributor for the industry associations shaping the identity management ecosystem including:

OAuth 2.0, Token Binding, OpenID Connect, SAML, WS-Federation, Mobile Connect, CIBA & FAPI, FIDO, WebAuthn, CISWG Consent Receipt

Ubisecure Industry Associations

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