Ubisecure recently had the privilege of joining CGI’s webinar series, with an episode focused on how Identity and Access Management (IAM) can enable digitalisation, and how comprehensive identity management can prevent cyber threats. Here’s a recap of what we covered.

You can also watch the full webinar (in Finnish), embedded from YouTube here:

The IAM market in 2021

Regulations and directives

Various directives and regulations, such as PSD2, GDPR, and the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Trust Services, are strongly related to digital identities and their management. These regulations provide a broad reference framework for how services are produced and how digital identities move through different digital ecosystems. One of the newest additions is the EU committee’s proposal for a new trusted and secure European e-ID as part of the review of the eIDAS Regulation.


Identity and Access Management solutions are constantly evolving. Significant driving factors in 2021 include the prevention of increasing data breaches and identity theft, the need for IAM solutions catering for diverse end user requirements, and the need for secure cloud services. In 2020, data breaches leaked the identity data of around 300 million people, putting their personal data at risk; IAM is a key tool in mitigating against this risk.


Determining the maturity of an organisation’s IAM

Organisations can be provided with various tools to help map their level of digitalisation and information security, as well as the most important areas for future development. The IAM maturity analysis, developed by CGI, is used to determine the current IAM maturity level of the organisation and to form a broader overall picture of your IAM. IAM maturity mapping helps to prioritise goals and create your own IAM roadmap, as well as to define and monitor the development of the IAM lifecycle towards the set goals.


Customer IAM (CIAM) enables digitalisation

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the cornerstones of digitalisation, and can accelerate business opportunities and enable tangible benefits. Customer IAM (CIAM) is a specialised IAM solution, tailored for management of external identities (customers, partners, citizens, remote workers etc.). (See more about IAM vs CIAM)

Key benefits of CIAM include:

  1. User experience – Good user experience is a key part of digitalisation and a significant competitive advantage in digital business.
  2. Security & privacy – Helps to prevent data breaches by enabling the correct balance of user experience and security.
  3. Regulations & directives – Supports businesses to comply with various regulations and directives.
  4. Operational efficiency – Automates manual processes, saving costs and maintaining scalable efficiency.

Future-proof your CIAM solution

New and innovative identification solutions are constantly entering the market, and are available as part of Ubisecure’s comprehensive Identity Platform (CIAM) e.g. CIBA, various biometric methods (such as finger vein biometrics), picture passwords and QR codes. These solutions enable secure and frictionless user journeys through your services, reducing fraud, increasing customer trust and growing your business.

CGI and Ubisecure enable a comprehensive solution covering the entire user lifecycle through your digital services, meeting the requirements of various regulations whilst elevating user experience. To find out more, or to get your level of IAM maturity analysed, get in touch.