Today we announce an exciting collaboration with blockchain solution expert Remme.

We’ve been working together for quite some time on a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a large F100 company. The goal was to bridge identity standards to DLT (distributed ledger technology) for blockchain-based identity and access management services. Implementing identity standards via our Identity Platform is Ubisecure’s core expertise, and implementing security services using DLT is where Remme excels.

As both our company CEOs state, we will continue to develop collaborative solutions:


Alex Momot, Founder and CEO, Remme, said “Remme and Ubisecure are confident that through working together to solve the identity management and security challenges faced by enterprises, we can drive greater efficiencies and expedite the implementation of DLT-based identity management products, while retaining the simplicity that makes for a positive customer experience. Our two companies will release further details on the outcome of the POC and further collaborations based around identity management with DLT in the near future”


Simon Wood, CEO, Ubisecure said “Our proven Identity Platform provides rich capabilities to bridge Remme’s deep DLT stack to the standards-based identity world. This strategic partnership cuts through the usual blockchain hyperbole by making a material step forward to help deliver the true potential and benefits of DLT in identity management.”


You can read the full press release at:

The nature of the PoC is confidential at this time. However if you wish to talk to Ubisecure and Remme about blockchain-based identity solutions, get in touch!