At the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas this week, and Ubisecure announced a partnership designed to help organisations connect strong identity with Privileged Access Management. Working seamlessly together,’s PrivX and Ubisecure’s Identity Platform now allow enterprises to control privileged access for administrators, developers, DevOps teams and third-party personnel using unified, identity-driven, automated, role-based access controls.

You can read the full press release here: & Ubisecure Collaboration Press Release

Hearing from both company spokespeople:

Sami Ahvenniemi, chief customer officer at SSH.COM said:“Working with Ubisecure is a natural choice for us, as this cooperation complements their core offering and helps bring PrivX to an ever-widening audience. Ubisecure is particularly strong in Northern Europe, and together we bring the one-two punch of digital identity and next-generation Privileged Access Management to developers and admins who create and manage digital customer experiences and drive digital transformation.”

Charles Sederholm, VP business development at Ubisecure, said:“Growing trends in mobility and cloud bring opportunities to drive efficiency and quality through the use of external operational resources end experts, but these trends also bring new threats. In this partnership, Ubisecure Identity Server delivers seamless security, policy-driven strong authentication and role management for external identities. Working in concert, PrivX and the Ubisecure Identity Server combine to improve the reach, quality and efficiency of policy-based governance. This combination extends the scope of Ubisecure Identity Server controlled policies to include services with Privileged Access Management that DevOps and server admins require to be productive and safe.”

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