Let’s talk about identity. Your own and your organisation’s. Where do you use your identity the most, where is your organisation’s identity seen most often? Or maybe a better question is, where are those identities most at risk?

In the Nordics Social Media is referred to as “SoMe”, keeping things short and sweet. Everyone knows that you are talking about any, or all, of the social platforms that you are on personally, or that your company participates in. SoMe is great for connection and exposure and building networks.  Quickly finding like-minded people, or even doing some light market research – just to see what’s out there.

It doesn’t really matter who you are, or the SoMe platforms you use – there have always been trolls out there. Just waiting to steer the conversation or post in a direction that the original poster didn’t intend. Or worse, the troll could be posting and pretending to be you or someone from your organisation. Even today it is hard to know who to trust.

Impersonation – it’s in the news a lot these days. How to manage and ensure your organisation is actually yours. And how do your customers or prospects know… It’s a challenge for even the largest companies. This is exactly what we’ve been working on at Ubisecure. If you are wondering which checkmark to purchase, then we have the answer for you:

Legal Entity Identifier Ubisecure

Registering your corporation’s LEI, Legal Entity Identifier, has never been easier. Using Ubisecure’s RapidLEI service, we can issue your corporation with its own globally unique LEI today.

When you combine your LEI as an organisational attribute in your CIAM system, like Ubisecure’s Identity Platform, you gain the ability to identify and assure your partners and end customers that your staff really are your staff.

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Here at Ubisucure, our vision statement, having “The ability to combine strongly authenticated individual identities with highly assured organisational identities to show who you are, who you represent, and the rights you have when representing them.”, leads us through every step of every day.

We continually work to create a service that can securely integrate all aspects of your organisation. Offering the ability to strongly authenticate each and every user, then provide them with the needed digital authorisation to carry out the tasks/purchase orders/emails/video calls/ or SoMe posts.

We’re interested to hear your challenges – how would combining a strongly authenticated person with an organisational role, like Product Owner, help your company meet the challenges of today’s digital world. So, I’ll ask you to reach out to anyone here at Ubisecure, on any SoMe method you like – even the good old email contact – we’d like to hear your challenge and see if we can’t offer a solution for how to strongly identify and assure you and your business online.

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