Today we announced a new partnership for our Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) service, RapidLEI, with UBO Service, an innovative Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) data capture solution provider.

With the new partnership, UBO Service extends its UBO declaration service to also include LEI issuance, providing a way for clients to meet multiple security and compliance needs in one place, including Know Your Customer (KYC)/Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements.

Read the full press release here.

Ben Cronin, Managing Director at UBO Service, said, “UBO Service is all about streamlining regulatory compliance, so when we decided to offer LEIs it made sense to partner with RapidLEI as our LEI issuer. RapidLEI’s service is unbeatable for efficiency and accuracy thanks to its automated LEI issuance process, and we’re very happy to be launching UBO Service operating with support from RapidLEI technology. I’m excited to pass on these benefits to our customers so that they can get everything they need for their CDD obligations in one place”.

Paul Tourret, Corporate Development Officer at Ubisecure said, “it’s fantastic to be partnering with UBO Service as the team shares our vision for the benefits of automation – including efficiency, accuracy and a great customer experience. The LEI, as a global identifier, has powerful potential to transform KYC by increasing transparency and saving costs, making it the perfect complement to UBO declarations”.

Find out more about becoming a RapidLEI partner here.