London, UK and Sydney, Australia, 10 April 2019 – APIR Systems and RapidLEI have formed a partnership that will see APIR Systems act as a Registration Agent for RapidLEI, a GLEIF approved Local Operating Unit (LOU), to issue and maintain LEIs.

The move follows APIR becoming a licensed Registration Agent with the GLEIF.

APIR Systems is a provider of essential infrastructure for the wealth management industry in Australia and has been issuing LEIs since 2015. RapidLEI is a fully accredited Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer specialising in the automation of the LEI issuance process.

Chris Donohoe, Chief Executive Officer for APIR said “The move to partner with RapidLEI, along with our licence from GLEIF, demonstrates our commitment to provide our clients with the most efficient means to obtain and manage their LEIs to meet regional regulations and international requirements.

“The partnership allows us to continue to offer clients world-class assistance with LEI applications and LEI lifecycle management. The automation workflows built into the RapidLEI system make the LEI registration process fast and convenient.”

Paul Tourret, Corporate Development Director for RapidLEI, said “APIR Systems has long provided the standard for Australia’s financial instruments and, since incorporating LEIs into its portfolio, the company has established itself as a powerhouse for LEI issuance in the region. As the awareness, regulation and use cases for LEIs continue to increase, we are extremely pleased to have been chosen by APIR Systems as an LEI partner and look forward to providing accurate, quickly issued LEIs to its clients throughout the Australian and Asian regions.”

LEIs issued by APIR are available from



APIR Systems Limited (APIR) is an independent, privately owned utility that provides a critical component of the wealth management industry’s infrastructure. Since 1993, APIR has been identifying, coding and managing reference data for unlisted financial products. Today APIR is the industry standard identification regime in Australia, having been endorsed by the Financial Services Council (FSC) in 1999.

From a standard perspective, the “APIR Code” is universal across the Australian wealth management industry, being used by all the distribution platforms, custodians and fund administrators. Our supporting data services are used by leading research houses, data houses, major software developers and financial planning desktops. Today some A$3 trillion worth of investments are transacted, managed and administered by service providers that rely on APIR and ISIN codes and on our range of reference data services to support their systems, processing and reporting and documentation requirements.

In Australia, APIR is the issuer of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) for managed investment and superannuation products and an Official Registration Agent of RapidLEI for the issuing of LEIs.

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Ubisecure is accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). RapidLEI is a Ubisecure service that automates the LEI lifecycle to deliver LEIs quickly and easily via its SaaS platform or API. As well as pioneering LEI automation, the company is a technology innovator and provides identity management software and cloud identity services that enable enterprises and governments to enhance customer experience, security and privacy through support for strong identities and management of customer identity data. Ubisecure also provides solutions to companies maintaining their own strong customer identities (such as banks and mobile network operators) to become Identity Providers (IdP) for strong authentication and federation services.

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