New partnership enables the EU-HUB Network to offer Ubisecure’s leading Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions

Frankfurt and Munich, Germany – 18 March 2020 – Today Ubisecure and the EU-HUB Network announce a partnership to grow adoption of Ubisecure’s customer identity management software and services in the Central & Eastern European region and beyond. EU-HUB’s clients in all verticals, across central and eastern Europe, will benefit from Ubisecure’s proven digital identity technology combined with EU-HUB Network’s regional market expertise.

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The EU-HUB Network is a Germany-based software distributor offering a portfolio of trusted digital solutions, all of which have been developed within Europe. Ubisecure’s technology is developed from its headquarters in Finland, with local offices and customers across the globe. Its customers include the Finnish government and international incumbents from such sectors as retail, energy, telecoms and finance.

The new partnership qualifies the EU-HUB Network to provide Ubisecure’s full range of identity management products, optimised for securing, managing and enabling deeper engagement with B2C and B2B digital identities. The software is embedded according to client preference and applicable regulations, with capabilities to deploy IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service), on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions. It has an API-first approach to core identity management features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and advanced capabilities such as Delegated Authority – empowering external users to manage their own organisation’s access to your systems.

Michael Buerger, Founder & International Sales Partner at the EU-HUB Network, said, “the Central and Eastern European market is ripe for explosive growth of digital services, of which digital identity is a key enabler. Customer-facing digital services cannot be successful without robust, specialist identity software, so I’m very proud to be working with Ubisecure on providing just that. I have been aware of Ubisecure for some time through my previous partnership with a German technology analyst firm and have always recognised Ubisecure’s commitment to its consumer identity specialism and innovation.”

Volker Zinser, Country Manager DACH at Ubisecure says, “having officially launched Ubisecure’s DACH expansion in 2019, we are seeing a surge of interest in organisations looking to embed proven, scalable identity solutions. Digital identity is, at its core, about trust, both on the organisation and consumer side – an intrinsic success factor for business in the DACH region. This makes digital identity not just an IT Security priority, but also a priority for Customer Experience and Marketing objectives.”

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About the EU-HUB Network

The EU-HUB Network is an international connected network of partners for software distribution. The company is reselling innovative software developed in Europe to clients in the EU. It’s Founder & International Sales Partner Michael Buerger is one of the first providers of Identity and Access Management technologies in Europe since 2004 to the benefit of his clients in more than 30 countries.

The focus of the Go-To-Market partnership between Ubisecure and the EU-Hub Network is on IDaaS, Delegated Authority (B2B2C) for the most complex IAM scenarios, and on Consumer Identity and Access Management to cover end-client needs in all vertical industries in Central and Eastern Europe.

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About Ubisecure

Ubisecure provides feature rich customer identity management software and services to help companies reduce identity data breach risk, improve operational efficiencies, and improve user experience.

The company provides a powerful Identity Platform, deployed as IDaaS, Cloud, or on-premise software. The platform consists of productised Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) middleware and API tooling to enable single digital identity benefits across multiple applications. Capabilities include enabling complex authorisation and delegation workflows, single sign-on (SSO), frictionless multi-factor authentication (MFA), user identity management, and pre-established connections to dozens of third-party identity providers (social, mobile, and verified).

Ubisecure’s Right to Represent is a representation governance solution offering a fast and easy way to assert and verify an individual’s mandated rights to electronically represent their company, including financial, signatory, or other authority. Ubisecure’s widely used Delegated Authority solution allows individuals and organisations to manage which users and organisations can act on their behalf to dramatically reduce costly, time consuming and delay-prone manual workflows.

Ubisecure is accredited by the GLEIF to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) under its RapidLEI brand. RapidLEI is a cloud-based service that automates the issuance and registration of these highly assured organisation identifiers.

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