Nordic management consultancy, Ferrologic, joins Customer Identity and Access Management pioneer, Ubisecure, to offer digital identity solutions across Nordic and Benelux markets.

Stockholm, Sweden – June 13, 2019 – Ubisecure, a pioneering European Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) software provider and cloud identity services enabler, today announced a strategic partnership with Ferrologic, a leading Sweden-based management consultancy with operations in the Nordics and Benelux.

The Ubisecure Identity Platform enables secure and streamlined management of external users’ identity information, and supports the digitalisation of customer and partner facing services. Ubisecure software is commonly used by major retailers, energy companies, governmental organisations, healthcare providers etc., to unlock the benefits of effective and secure identity management. These include the enhancement of customer experience, increase in engagement, reduction of support costs and enabling new business models through digitalisation initiatives. Ubisecure has over 15 years of experience in delivering external user identity management solutions through a strong Certified Partner Network.

Ferrologic helps customers succeed in new digital ecosystems by facilitating business improvement and innovation. Ferrologic develops its customers’ business through smart ways of connecting and creating value out of information. Ferrologic helps clients on a strategic level to design and build the faster, connected, data driven and analytical enterprise, transforming both organisation and architecture.

By partnering with Ferrologic, Ubisecure seeks to expand its market reach, particularly where Customer Identity and Access Management meets and integrates with Ferrologic’s other competencies and technical platforms. This will open up great possibilities in reaching new levels in digitalisation. The footprint of Ferrologic in the Nordics and Benelux also aligns well with Ubisecure’s current European growth phase.

“Teaming up with Ferrologic is a great opportunity for Ubisecure”, says Jonathan Clark, Global VP of Channels & Alliances at Ubisecure. “We see an excellent fit and value for our customers with Ferrologic’s strong reputation and extensive expertise in consulting and implementation.”.

“We see that basically every organisation that develops its digital strategy and connects with customers and partners needs a solid Customer IAM solution. We selected to work with Ubisecure as they also understand use cases which involve APIs and analytics, which are important themes for our customers and us.”, says Carl Tivelius, Head of Sales at Ferrologic.

CIAM is a very important part of overall IT security and a growing necessity for many businesses. According to analysts from Markets&Markets in the “CIAM Market – Global Forecast to 2022 report”, the global CIAM market is worth $14b today and is expected to grow to $32b by 2022.



Ubisecure is a pioneering European B2B and B2C Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) software provider and cloud identity services enabler, dedicated to helping its customers realise the true potential of digital business.

The company provides a powerful Identity Platform to connect customer digital identities with customer-facing SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise. The platform consists of productised CIAM middleware and API tooling to help connect and enrich strong identity profiles; manage identity usage, authorisation and progressive authentication policies; secure and consolidate identity, privacy and consent data; and streamline identity-based workflows and decision delegations. Uniquely, Ubisecure’s Identity Platform connects digital services and Identity Providers, such as social networks, mobile networks, banks and governments, to allow Service Providers to use rich, verified identities to create frictionless login, registration and customer engagement while improving privacy and consent around personal data sharing to meet requirements such as GDPR and PSD2.



Ferrologic is a specialized consulting firm that creates business value out of digital information.

We create connected, data-driven, analytical business, and we offer services with a combined perspective on strategy/operations and business/IT divided into three main areas – Connected Business, Analytics and Enterprise Design.

Strong corporate culture focusing on professionalism, quality, generosity and knowledge-sharing.

Long term partnerships supporting our global customers in their digital transformation.

Located in the Nordic region and Benelux area with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Brussels, we combine local presence and offering specialist services with high knowledge content and degree of quality.

Steady annual growth since the start with solid finances.