Partnership with Ubisecure links verified LEI organisation identity with verified eIDAS individual identity

LONDON, UK AND BARCELONA, SPAIN – 23rd March 2020 – Today, European Trust Services Provider and accredited eIDAS solution provider, FirmaPro, and Ubisecure, a pioneer in Legal Entity Identifier issuance and management, announced a new partnership to incorporate Ubisecure’s RapidLEI Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) into Qualified Digital Certificates. The partnership will enhance how companies can assert their strong, highly assured organisation identity in digital signatures and other PKI-enabled applications.

The Qualified Digital Certificate links a legal representative of an organisation to their verified organisation, with the LEI providing the identity proofing for the organisation and eIDAS providing the identity proofing for the individual.

Qualified Digital Certificates are used to digitally sign data, documents, transactions, or enable access control decisions. By incorporating LEIs, third-party services and applications now have a standardised implementation to render the LEI and the organisation identity to relying parties, along with the individual’s association with the organisation.

The LEI is endorsed by the G20 and the LEI code references a standardised, live, and up-to-date organisation identity record.  There are many agreed reasons why all organisations should register an LEI, including global recognition in KYC processes and regulatory compliance. The inclusion of LEIs in Qualified Digital Certificates gives organisations issued with LEIs a valuable representation governance use-case to protect against identity fraud, assert their highly assured real identity, and build trust with customers.

Xavier Tarres, General Manager at FirmaPro, said, “It is fantastic to be partnering with RapidLEI to provide a standardised organisation identifier in our Qualified Digital Certificates. FirmaPro is committed to digital identity innovation, and Ubisecure’s RapidLEI platform makes it the best choice of LEI issuer to complement our eIDAS initiatives.”

Chris Hudson, Director of Channel Sales at RapidLEI, said, “With extensive experience in the Certificate Authority industry and now in the LEI industry, I have first-hand experience of the level of trust that both ecosystems can deliver. Both are enablers of secure and transparent business, which is why they complement each other so well. I’m delighted that Ubisecure is partnering with FirmaPro as they share our vision for the Qualified Digital Certificate enhancements made possible by the LEI.”

To launch the partnership, Firma Pro is offering its customers LEIs at promotional pricing of 60. If your organisation does not yet have an active LEI, go to and apply. LEIs are processed using RapidLEI’s automation technology and issued in just minutes.

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About FirmaPro

We are a Trust Service Provider focussed on driving the digital competitiveness of organisations, covering identity and electronic signature services with the utmost legal validity. Moreover, our technology fully integrates into any platform or management system, guaranteeing its ease of use and availability. We are leading providers in the trust services market thanks to our specialisation and our ability to adapt to the specific needs of our clients. We work as a Certification Authority approved by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce that has issued digital certificates since 2001. We set up Firmapro to serve the European market while we continue to operate in Spain as Firmaprofesional, our initially registered name.

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About Ubisecure and RapidLEI

Ubisecure is accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). RapidLEI is a Ubisecure service that automates the LEI lifecycle to deliver LEIs quickly and easily. As well as pioneering LEI automation, the company is a technology innovator and provides identity management software and cloud identity services that enable enterprises and governments to enhance customer experience, security and privacy through support for strong identities and management of customer identity data. Ubisecure also provides solutions to companies maintaining their own strong customer identities (such as banks and mobile network operators) to become Identity Providers (IdP) for strong authentication and federation services.

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Ubisecure LEI: 529900T8BM49AURSDO55