This new technology partnership offers Svipe’s identity verification method to Ubisecure’s Nordic customers, providing end users from all around the world a way to identify themselves online with the highest level of assurance, simply by using their biometric passports and their faces.

ESPOO, FINLAND and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – 27 May 2022 – Today, Ubisecure, a leading digital identity services provider, and Svipe, an innovative biometric identity verification company, announced a new strategic partnership to enable Svipe’s identity verification technology in Ubisecure’s identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

Svipe offers an elegant, secure, and privacy focused way of identifying people based on their biometric identity documents and a smartphone. The partnership provides customer organisations with a combined solution stack, whereby Svipe issues the digital identity, with ongoing seamless identity and access management through Ubisecure’s comprehensive Identity Platform.

The combined solution offers Nordic companies an “eID”-like solution accessible for users located outside of the Nordics, enhancing digital user experiences, ensuring better Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, increasing operational efficiency, and preventing fraud and compliance breaches.

Being able to offer digital trust and secured digital identities for people that do not have BankID or similar services has long been a missing component for online business in the Nordics,“ says Jonas Ingelström, chairman at Svipe. “Partnering with Ubisecure, as the leading European identity service provider, helps us grow the use cases of Svipe’s technology and explore even bigger markets.”

“Building trust within the digital world on a global scale is essential. We are thrilled to be able to offer Svipe’s identity verification solution to our Nordic customers”, says Jörgen Thunholm, Partner Manager at Ubisecure.


About Svipe ID

Svipe AB provides advanced technology that enables people in over 140 countries to securely and easily identify themselves with their biometric passports or ID cards online through cryptographic verification. The company’s solution has been developed with a strong focus on privacy protection, user-friendliness, and security.

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About Ubisecure

Ubisecure is a Europe-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) specialist and offers a comprehensive identity management platform deployed as IDaaS (Identity- as-a-Service), hybrid or on-premises software.

Ubisecure provides a single platform that enables high-assurance, cross-border interactions, with the focus on reducing fraud and avoiding data breaches by successfully converging identity and access security to deliver better user experiences.

Ubisecure is also GLEIF-accredited to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) via its RapidLEI service and have quickly become the global #1 LEI Issuer both in terms of volume and data quality. RapidLEI has issued verified organisation identities to over 150k organisations worldwide.

Ubisecure’s mission is to help enterprises embrace the global digital identity ecosystem, improve operational effectiveness and build trusted business relationships.

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