Accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), the RapidLEI Identity Management Platform issues LEI codes. Essential for compliance with regulations and increasingly valuable as a unique indicator of global corporate identity


Helsinki, Finland – May 2, 2018 – Ubisecure (, a leading b2b Identity Services software provider and cloud services enabler, today announced it has gained accreditation from the Global Legal Identifier Entity Foundation (GLEIF) to issue and maintain Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). Ubisecure will be providing its LEI services under the brand name of RapidLEI. The ability to issue an LEI is only awarded to a limited number of organisations passing a stringent accreditation process.

An LEI code is a G20 endorsed unique 20-character alphanumeric identifier code assigned to a single Legal Entity and entered into a public, distributed database, making it identifiable on a global basis.  Financial transaction regulations such as MiFID II, EMIR & MAR now require the use of LEIs. The LEI system serves to provide transparency for organisation identity, known as level 1 ‘who is who’ reference data, and organisation ownership, known as level 2 ‘who owns whom’ reference data.

Ubisecure developed the RapidLEI platform specifically to help entities streamline how they obtain, manage, transfer and renew their LEIs.

“We are very pleased that through our accreditation as an LEI issuing authority by the GLEIF, Ubisecure’s operational excellence has been recognized.” commented Steve Roylance, VP Identity Services for Ubisecure. “Regulations like MiFID II state that entities require LEIs to uniquely identify themselves, making LEIs an essential component of modern, better secured business transactions. We are excited to offer the market a new way to manage the growing number of LEIs and look forward to using our expertise in identity management technology to contribute to the LEI ecosystem”.

Stephan  Wolf, GLEIF CEO comments “Accreditation is the process by which GLEIF evaluates the suitability of organisations seeking to operate within the Global LEI System as issuers of LEIs and custodians of LEI reference data. GLEIF looks forward to cooperating with Ubisecure in its role as an accredited LEI issuer.”

LEIs are available from RapidLEI ( initially for Finland, Sweden and the US with full global support being released later this year.



Ubisecure is accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). RapidLEI is a Ubisecure service that automates the LEI lifecycle to deliver LEIs quickly and easily. As well as pioneering LEI automation, the company is a technology innovator and provides identity management software and cloud identity services that enables enterprises and governments to enhance customer experience, security and privacy through support for strong identities and management of customer identity data. Ubisecure also provides solutions to companies maintaining their own strong customer identities (such as banks and mobile network operators) to become Identity Providers (IdP) for strong authentication and federation services.

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