London & Espoo, January 12th 2017 – Ubisecure Inc, a leading provider of IAM and identity services, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Simon Wood as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective immediately.  Simon joins Ubisecure from GMO GlobalSign, a leading Certification Authority and PKI service provider, where he previously held the position of Chief Technology Officer, and where he led the technical and strategic growth of the company.

In his time at GlobalSign Simon spearheaded several major strategic shifts for the company, including GlobalSign’s pivot to the emerging IoT security market.  During his role as CTO, he created new Engineering teams to focus on high volume high availability services. Prior to joining GlobalSign, Simon was at QuantumWave Capital where he led the Venture Building practice, engaging with deep technology early stage companies, preparing them for exit to large acquirers. Simon has also held executive technical and commercial positions at Talecom, an enterprise mobile software company, Artilium PLC, the mobile virtual network enabler, flyingSPARK, a mobile applications company.

“During Ubisecure’s transformation into a global identity services company, there is no better person to lead than Simon Wood”, said Paul Tourret, Chairman of the Board for Ubisecure and Founding Partner at Base 10 Ventures. “Simon is an uncompromising, proven business leader with a strong engineering background, extensive commercial expertise, and deep experience building scalable, reliable and innovative products that accelerate companies into their next stage of growth.”

“Ubisecure has immense opportunity to be a global leader in the identity solution and services space.” Simon said, “The company has already established an award winning and proven Identity Platform to deliver its on-premise and cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offerings, and it’s exciting to consider the new services that can be built on the Identity Platforms foundation.  I believe with focus and a commitment to innovation, Ubisecure is perfectly positioned to make using online identities, especially mobile and device identities, easier, safer and more private.”

Ubisecure works with hundreds of companies across Europe, and more recently North America and Asia in solving their identity management business needs.  As well as comprehensive Customer IAM (CIAM) on-premise and cloud solutions, the company’s Mobile Connect Identity Gateway and Mobile Connect Accelerator (MCX) service provides both Mobile Network Operators and e-service providers an easy way to start supporting mobile based logins using the Mobile Connect standard.  In coming months additional identity service products will be launched under Simon’s leadership.

Simon will succeed Steve Waite, interim CEO & Board Member for Ubisecure and Founding Partner of Base 10 Ventures.  “Having worked with Simon in both his capacity as an M&A expert and the operational CTO of GlobalSign, Simon joins Ubisecure at exactly the right time.” stated Steve, “His vision for Ubisecure, its platform and market focus, as well as his leadership experience will allow the team to grow stronger and bring innovative products, services and value to our customers and partners.”

Ubisecure was acquired from the GMO GlobalSign group in 2016 by Base 10 Ventures (b10v).  Simon will also join b10v as a technology advisor.  With the addition of Simon, Ubisecure’s Board of Directors consists of Paul Tourret of b10v as Chairman, Steve Waite of b10v, Minoru Karasawa of GMO Cloud, and Simon Wood.


About Ubisecure

Ubisecure is a global Identity & Access Management software and cloud services provider.  Ubisecure technology makes using online identities easier, safer and more private for consumers. It helps businesses improve user experience and reduce costs through increased customer engagement, loyalty and insight and it helps service providers benefit from simplified registration, login and attribute sharing from the rich identities already being used online. It helps create trusted connections between digital services, devices and mobile identity.  When these modern aspects of identity management are combined, Ubisecure enables the true potential of digital business.  The company has offices in the UK and Finland.


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