Let’s Talk About Digital Identity with Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security and Host of the Rebooting YouTube Channel.

In episode 29, Oscar talks to Lisa about her fascinating journey to cybersecurity, the lucrative schemes that hackers and scammers have been employing since the start of the pandemic, the group of volunteers (CV19) she co-founded to help protect hospitals against cyber-attacks with the onset of COVID19 in Europe, and top tips for individuals and organisations on cybersecurity and identity.

They also discuss a new Tomorrow Unlocked documentary that Lisa appears in – Ha(CK)c1ne: Healthcare on the Edge. It explores the shocking cyber-attacks that have hit vulnerable hospitals, healthcare supply chains and vaccine labs since the COVID-19 pandemic. Released on 25th September, watch Ha(CK)c1ne on YouTube now.

“The pandemic is a crisis, but security has to continue. Even though we’re fighting a biological virus at the moment, security still has massive ramifications If you ignore it.”

Lisa Forte headshotLisa Forte is a social engineering and insider threat expert. She is a partner at Red Goat Cyber Security and Host of the Rebooting YouTube Channel. Lisa is a regular on TV shows, documentary films and news broadcasts. Her career started in a very unlikely place, working to stop pirates off the coast of Somalia! She worked in one of the UK Police Cyber Crime Units before starting Red Goat Cyber Security. Lisa is also one of the very proud co-founders of the Cyber Volunteers 19 (CV19) initiative providing free help and intelligence to healthcare providers in Europe during the pandemic, an organisation that has been recognised and praised by Governments around Europe.

Find Lisa on Twitter @LisaForteUK and LinkedIn.

Find out more about Red Goat Cyber Security at red-goat.com.

Watch Ha(CK)c1ne here, embedded from YouTube:

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