Let’s talk about digital identity with Colin Wallis, Executive Director of Kantara Initiative, and Charlie Harry Smith, Political Theorist at the Oxford Internet Institute.

In episode 44, we shake things up with a fireside chat format. Colin and Charlie begin by discussing: “Is digital identity for citizens a commodity?”. From their different backgrounds in identity – Colin’s tenure as Kantara’s Executive Director, and Charlie’s work as a political theorist – they explore multiple considerations, including user experience, the role of private organisations in shaping citizen (or resident) identity and how to ensure adoption. As both are currently UK-based, they use the UK government’s historical and future plans around digital identity for context, as well as examples from other countries like New Zealand and the US.

“[Digital identity] can be delivered effectively, securely, and in a way that’s lovely to look at as well. That’s an exciting thing and it’s an exciting time to be in this industry.”

Colin Wallis headshot

Colin Wallis

Colin Wallis is the Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative – the international industry association globally acknowledged for its ethos of no barriers to participation. Kantara is most recognised as a Trust Framework Operator of conformity assessment and Trust Marked schemes for digital Identity, Credential and Consent Management Service Providers.

Colin develops and executes the Kantara Initiative’s strategic plan in concert with the Board and Leadership Council, driving the organisation forward on a broad front with the financial support of private, public sector and individual members from every region of the world and the assistance of a dedicated band of expert volunteers. Colin’s work has been recognised by being named one of the Top 100 Influencers in Identity by independent research company One World Identity.

Find Colin on LinkedIn and on Twitter @KantaraColin. Find out more about Kantara at kantarainitiative.org and www.kantarainitiative.eu. This is Colin’s second appearance on LTADI – find his first episode at www.ubisecure.com/podcast/kantara-colin-wallis/.

Charlie Harry Smith

Charlie Harry Smith

Charlie Harry Smith is a political theorist pursuing a doctoral degree at the Oxford Internet Institute, part of the University of Oxford. In particular, his research considers the normative and theoretical issues surrounding digital governments and the ongoing development of federated identity systems in the UK.

Alongside his research, Charlie regularly consults on digital identity projects. He handles social media monitoring for the Open Identity Exchange and, most recently, has worked with the Digital Equity Association to bring the SMART Africa Trust Alliance – an ambitious cross-continental federated identity scheme – to the pilot project stage.

Find Charlie on LinkedIn, Twitter @charliehrysmith, and on his website – www.chsmith.co.uk.

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