Let’s Talk About Digital Identity with Andrew Weaver, Executive Director of Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ).

In episode 32, Andrew fills us in on the main trends and challenges for digital identity in New Zealand, its national Digital Identity Trust Framework and the importance of interoperability between identity systems. He also gives us an excellent tip for individuals and organisations on reframing identity, inspired by Maori identity validations – trusting and respecting identities as a precious gift.

“The strange thing with digital identity is most of the technology that’s needed is already there – we’re not really inventing anything new. The key to digital identity working is actually in collaboration.”

Andrew WeaverAndrew Weaver is the Executive Director of Digital Identity New Zealand, an organisation whose mission is to create a digital identity ecosystem that enhances privacy, trust and improves access for all people in New Zealand.

Andrew is a strategic specialist with over 30 years hands-on management, consultancy and systems development experience built throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.  He is also an active and passionate supporter of social enterprises and charities working in New Zealand and overseas.

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Digital Identity NZ is a purpose driven, inclusive, membership funded organisation, whose members have a shared passion for the opportunities that digital identity can offer. Digital Identity NZ supports a sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy digital future for all New Zealanders.

Find out more about Digital Identity NZ at digitalidentity.nz.

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